Arc 3.5 - Zhang

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Rina's Pov

I patiently wait for Yong gege and Zhang to finish their practice at our secret place. One of grandpa's backyard that none of the servants allowed to enter except for four of us.

I see Yong gege practicing his sword while using his power, fire. The fire starts to appear on Wang Yong's sword. Uuu. So Cool.

Then I look at Zhang, he changes the weather to the way he likes. He changes the weather to the four seasons. Spring, summer, autumn, and winter. He can even freeze someone from his own power, I had seen it before. It scares me to death when I saw a guy frozen in front of my eyes. His body becomes a cloud of dust when he kicks it. I asked him why he does to the poor guy. He said that that guy kills a child in front of his eyes. He doesn't deserve to be lives.

So cold. And so hot. Damn hot. Both Yong gege and Zhang are the same age. 13 years old. But they didn't look like they're thirteen years old at all. The muscle they had make them look so much older. The fierce face they had to make them hard to be near.

"Zhang... it's cold can you change it the autumn?. I want to see sakura blooming from the tree." I said to Zhang, he looks at me with a soft smile and nods his head.

The flower starts to appear on the tree and then it's blooming before slowly falling on the ground. Ahhh. So beautiful. "Zhang...look it's so beautiful." I touch Sakura's flower that falls on the ground. "Don't pick that one," he said to me.

"Take this one", he showed what on his hand to me. Wow, the flower blooming on his hand. I look at him with widened eyes before picking it up. "It's so beautiful Zhang. But how?.." I asked him.

"You so much beautiful than these flower little Rina. Its a magic. Like you" I can feel my cheeks become hot. And my heart is full of his sweetness.

" feels so disgusting. Can't you guys be sweet in front of this gege. I feel lonely. Gege also wants to be sweet with someone. Little Rina can you become my sweetheart and be my wifey" Wang Yong starts to walk forward to me. Before he can reach me...there is snowball hit him. A hard one. "Auch...not need to be so rough Zhang. It's hurt," Wang Yong angrily said to Zhang. He tried to punch Zhang, however Zhang is so quick to dodge from being hurt by Wang Yong.

While they tried to hurt themselves by punching it each other, I sit back at the bench looking at them with amused. "Just stop it Yong gege you will never win against him," I said to Wang Yong amusedly. "How dare you said that to me meimei. You should cheer for me, not your lover. I hate you guys" Wang Yong pout his mouth and sits at beside me angrily. "But you're the one who provoke him, not Rina." I look at him while offering him a cold drink.

"ermm...i know that. I'm sorry Zhang. I wouldn't joke around about my little mei mei anymore. Hahh..never had I thought you will get jealous of me." Wang Yong said he chuckle for sometimes. "What will you do when some guys said he want your lover to be he's?" Zhang asked Wang Yong seriously. "I will get mad of course" Wang Yong replied softly. defeated by Zhang question. I'm shaking my head while look at them amusedly. So weird.

"I will miss you guys fighting in front of me like this, when will you go to army? In dawn or early in the morning?" I asked both of them.

I tilt my head to look at Zhang, he make an approach to me and sits beside me. "In dawn." Wang Yong replied to me. I look at him and smile "I hope you will take care of yourself Yong ge'ge. Please i don't want to hear sorrows news about you. If you can avoid any dangerous that will take your life. Please avoid." My voice is cracking, although i knew he is not my real brother but i love him as he is my real one.

"I will take care of myself mei mei, don't worry. I will come back alive and make you proud of me. Even grandpa will proud of what i will become. I will fight and avoid getting killed by someone. I promise. You know i have a power right, there is no way i would get killed by someone except him. He can make an earthquake and let the earth eat me alive" Wang Yong show he index finger to Zhang, i laughed a little bit before turn my body around to face My little giant.

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