Arc 3.1 - Zhang

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Nara Pov

"Hmm...Yeon, before this you told me that my husband would not remember me right?" I asked Yeon, out of my conscious.

Yeon look at me with a weird face, *Yes, why are asking me a weird question?" Yeon asked me back.

We walked through a long dark roads, I walked beside Yeon, not to fast and not slow. "Before I die, Heng made a promise with me. If there any lifetime again, he will remember me. Can he really remember me?" I asked without looking at Yeon.

Then Yeon stopped walking, so I did the same. "Listen, Nara, I don't know if I should tell you this but Kai's soul is following you. When we were in the second world, he was there with you, beside you, and lived with you." Yeon explained it to me.

"I know that already, why did you explain it again?" I said as we continued our journey.

"I thought, you didn't know about it. Sorry. So back to your question back then, yeah...he will remember you in the next world" We stopped at a light that was glowing in front of us.

"I'm happy, I didn't know the game I'm playing now could make me so happy. I hope I can continue this again and again. To be honest, I never had happy memories in my past life." Suddenly I told Yeon the truth about my past life. The one I lived before I started this whole thing.

Yeon look at me.

"But, you won't be sad anymore. You have me and you have your beloved husband with you" he told me, I nodded my head and agreed with Yeon happily.


"This world is a bit complicated. it's about cultivation. 90% of people in this world are just regular people. And the other 10 % of people are granted with cultivation skills. They've been granted these skills since they were little kids.

In this world, the strongest person is the one who will be the Emperor. They have to fight for it. Every 10 years, there is a competition for the throne. The one who wins the competition will become the Emperor for 10 years. He/She can make new rules and can change everything using their power as Emperor.

Anyone can be the Emperor, if they strong enough to go through all the hardships of the competition, the competition will take two years.

In two years, they will be trained more and more. And the last few months they will fight with the other competitors who also compete for the throne.

The last person will fight with the Emperor. But if the Emperor dies before the competitions, they will have to fight with the strongest amongst the strong people. Until the winner will be announced by an advisor of an Emperor.

Li Yong. Born from a poor family. He the only child. Even though his family is poor, he never felt sad about it. Strangely enough, he was proud of it. Li Qiang father taught him "Don't let people make you feel down with their words, words can't kills you. Show to people you're nothing like them. You're different".

Since then, he never let anyone put him down, 'Strong' is a nickname given by village people to him. He's granted with the Storm skills and can control the weather, but no one knows about it, even his own parents.

When he just 15 years old, his skills already make people amazed and respect him. He has been listed as one of the strongest people in his country. He become a general at such a young age.

3 years later he became the one and only general in his country. In that year also he took part in the competition to take the Emperor place. He want to rules the country with a new rule's.

Lee Jing. She is a quiet person. As her name shows, she was born with a silver spoon. Lee Jing's parents come from a noble family. Her father is an advisor of Emperor. She lives in the castle, growing up together with Princes and Princesses..

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