Arc 2.7 - Heng

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Heng's PoV

I wake up from my sleep and see my little Rina is still deep in her sleep. My hand on her waist and her head on my chest. I push half of her hair that cover her face.

I took my time to admire her face. She look like kitten when she asleep. She come close to me, looking for comfort. Her face is close to my neck.

I feel my 'little brother' wake up from his sleep, haihh. I don't want to wake her up. After all we keep our last night activities till dawn. If I wake she up, it will drain her energy. She need her beautiful sleep.

I take my phone. Then I open F4 group whatsap, i text a message to F4 group. Saying that I'm staying in my room with Rina. All my friend tease me a lot.


KJ: Kang Jian
HR: Heng Ruo
XZ: Xiao Zan
MG : Mei Guong

HR: Guys i'm staying
in my room with my
girl. You can proceed
with your plan. I
won't involve.

XZ: Ouuu. Why are you not coming? Wait, don't tell me you finally did it with her? Did you drain Her energy. Bad Heng!!!

KJ: I'm jealous!! Damn you, Heng!!

MG: Finally our Heng is
not virgin anymore we
Should celebrate it.
Right GUYS?

XZ & KJ: YES!!!!!

HR: why are you even my friend?
Are you guy really my friend?!

KJ: Because no one will
dare to make you as
friend, you're
frozen guy.

XZ & MG: Yeah!!!!

I close the chatroom and amused with what they said. I put my phone on table. Frozen guy. Its been a long time since i heard that word to be use. I'm frozen guy but who not froze anymore because of her. What kind of best friend i have they always insult me.

Yesterday before I come down to confess ny feeling toward Rina. I tell them my relationship that i been keeping as a secret these whole time. They know my stories when i honestly tell them by myself. They been cursing me for whole day saying that i was a jerk. I think I deserve that.

I admit that i was being a jerk to my own girl. Who wouldn't said that if our girl been insecure whether we love them or not. Relationship suppose not to be like that but i make her feel like it. For that i deserve to be called as a jerk.

I heard someone moan. I look at my girl, she stir up. Then she look at my face, smile appear on her face.

"Good morning baby" i greets her. "Goo..d morning" her face is so red.

"Why your face are so red?" I rub her cheek with my hand, i pinch it a little. She's too damn cute.

"Auchh." She pout her lips. She glare at me, "why did you pinch it, its hurt." She rub her own cheek.

Her mouth look tempting, i pull her waist closer to my own chest so i can access to kiss her lip. Then i can feel her moist lip on mine. It feel so good and complete. I didn't care for our morning breath. I put my tongue in her mouth to explore it.

When i feel her breath become more and more heavy. Then i let her lips go. She slowly open her eyes. She look at me then smile at me. "I can't believe it, this happen in my life" she said while look at me, her soft hands touch my face.

"What?" I'm so confuse with her word. "You. Confess your love to me, i can't believe it. I really thought that it was a dream. But it wasn't. I'm so happy." Her eyes have tear on it. Her face is so bright right now. She look so pleasant.

"I can't lose you. I realized that i love you for the very first time i see you. But im too damn slow to acknowledge  my feeling. If i am late at confessing to you I think i will regret it for the rest of my life." I confess at her. Her tears fell down from her eyes.

"To be honest, I actually want to let you go. I once saw how you look at Lijuan. I thought you like her. I feel so sad when I saw you look at her like that. I want you to be happy even if I have to let go." She said, I feel so sad. Why would she think i like her own friend.

I look at her, until i remember the day she ask me to help her learn to play violin. I ask for her to introduce Lijuan to me. "It's because the first time I ask you about her?" I ask her. She slowly nod her head. "Then you always look at her, you never look at my face. Even when we already been together you put your attention to her." She explained.

I realized my mistake. I am seriously a stupid person when it comes to love. Suddenly, she look so sad. She look down, didn't stare at my face anymore.

"Baby look at me, im sorry. Im seriously sorry because i make you feel like I like Lijuan. I never ever thought about her like that. I never like Lijuan. I only see her as a friend. Believe me. I love you. I only love you. I remember at that time, i look at her because i know she can change Kang Jian attitude and his life style. I feel so suprised when someone like her can change him. I never put attention to her. I actually ask her about you. Your favourite color, food, drink and what you love to do. I even i have to treat her because she dare to blackmail me to expose my interest toward you." I explained to her. I don't want she misunderstand everything or I will lose her.

She look at me "Do you really love me? And not her? Will you spend your time for the rest of your life with me? I know that i sound weird and creepy but i really love you. I'm not playing with you, i don't have time to play with people heart. I want us to be real." She said it seriously. Her face look so stern. I kiss her lip because i think she's look so sexy. Then her face turn red.

"I'm in serious talk right now and you dare to interrupt me with your kisses? Really?" She try to act so fierce but she look like a little tiger that didn't get her food and hiss on it.

"Of course i dare beacuse i know you love it, don't you de..n. auch" she pinch my stomach. It feel hurt but i chuckle on it because she look so cute.

"Now, did you feel better?. Please believe me, i really love you and i really can't live without you" i said to her. She look at my eyes searching for an honesty in my word. When she can't find any lying in it she hug my waist and put her head on my bare chest, she mutter love words.

Our morning fill with happiness and chuckled. It feel so peace. I really happy that we clear out our thought.


One thing I know that i can't live without her by my side anymore. I love My little Rina. My Wifey.

*Cheesy, so cheesy. I can feel I'm melted to the ground* Yeon rolled his eyes.


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