Arc 2.8 - Heng

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*No proof reading*

Honest talk. I made this story/book because i love to imagination things. So that why my grammar are so bad because i don't know how to write a story. So yeah, im sorry if you find any mistake in it.

-Time Skip-

Rina's PoV

Its been six months, since he confess his love to me. Now we're back in our reality. Most of Students in Invisible College know about us. Some of them been supporting us. Some of them hate me because I steal their prince charming. What can i say except for, 'Of course i have to steal him because he's my husband, geez'

*You just being possessive Nara -.-* Yeon.

We're walking together to library, I need to do my assignment and he accompany me. As we enter the library door, I can see people whispering to each other. We ignore the stare that we got, then we go to our favorite spot.

I pick some books to make it as a reference to my research in my assignment. Heng Ruo say he will help me by sleeping on my thigh. 'Helping me huh?'. When I feel so stressed with all the task that i need to do, i touch his hair and kissed his cheek. I can see he smile while lay down on my thigh.

"You just pretending to sleep huh? why don't you make yourself useful and help me, i feel so stress right now" I pout my mouth. I feel light on my thigh and see he already up.

"Why you were looking at me with that eyes, i'm not mad at you. i'm just feel so stress. Don't bull your eyes at me" He kiss me on my lip. "Stop getting stressed baby, try relax for couple of minutes. Do you want some snack?" he ask me with a grin smile. "What do you mean by snack? it's that snack that i can eat? or that "snack"?" I ask him with annoy voice.

"Which one do you want? Do you want one plus one or just one snack?" His question is full of trick, i been use to it. If i make wrong decision he will punish me. His daddy kink is so strong. "If i want one plus one, what would i get?" I ask him with smirking smile.

I see him took out some sweet from his bag and open it. He put it in his mouth. "This is what you will get Baby girl, now come and get your reward. you make a right decision baby" He pull me close to him and kiss my lips.

He bite my upper lip "hmmnn. people" he savoring my mouth and slip the sweet into my mouth. When we are out of breath then he let of go of my mouth.

I punch his chest "someone will come! And you dare to put your sweet into my mouth, are you for real?" I ask him with whining voice.

"No one will come baby, everyone know this place is only for us. And why are you even complaining it, you loves when i being extra shameless to you" he smirking his smile. Proud as he successfully making my face red.

"I hate you" i mumbling. "I love you too, baby" he kiss my mouth again. "Baby, should we go now. I want you" his eyes showing lust and seduced.

Pheromones can be smell from his place. "Can you low it down you seduced, i'm trying to finish my work. And can you make yourself useful for me babe, so i can do my assignment as fast as i could and you will get your reward." I kiss his lip for a second and rubbing his cheeks. I love his face because it so smooth to touch.

"Babe, can you wait for couple hours more. And please behave yourself. You're being an extra clinging right now. Is not that i hate it, i prefer you show your love to me in our room baby. I hate when everyone put an eyes to you. I'm jealous." I said straightly to him. Then he entangled his hand with mine. "Okay baby, i will extra careful next time. I will show you my big love to you only in our room but I'm not promise" he whisper at my ear. The seduces voice he using make me want to jump on him and forget my assignment that i need to do.

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