Arc 1.9 - Kai

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Rina Pov

Kai brought me to meet his friend, Prince Wang Lei. The title of male lead suits him rather well. I stared at him for a while because I'm kind of amazed with his handsomeness. That is until I felt my husband tightened his hold to my waist, seemingly waking me up from my stupor.

He looked at me with his angry eyes. "You dare to look at another man with those eyes? Wow!" He held my chin up to make me look at him straight in his eyes. Hmm.. jealousy hubby.

"Hubby, you know I love to see beautiful things, right? Your friend here is handsome, I admit that; but the one I love the most is you. I'm not going to cheat on you like ever. I'm a loyal person. Put more faith in me, husband, because I love you so much!" I sincerely explained to him while looking at his eyes.

I then held his face with both of my hands as I stared into his eyes. "I love you hubby!" it never shames me to declare my love for him.

His smile broke out of his face. He tried to hold it in though, pretending like he still feels sulky about it.

"Are you still mad at me?..hmmm?" I ask him. I blink at him, trying to make up with him.

We then heard a cough from behind us. I let go of his face to see The Prince looking at us. Mostly at Kai. He smirks.

"My friend,Kai. I didn't know that you were a clingy and jealous person. For the first time in my life I see you get mad at the most childish things." He says. He chuckles while looking at Kai's face because my husband's face has now hardened to a stern one.

"Of course. I would be jealous if my beloved wife right here looks at someone other than me with admiring eyes. I feel like wanting to punch someone. You know me right? If I don't feel right about something or I dislike someone, then someone needs to pay." Kai grins. He looks like a psychopath right now.

He then looks at me. "You understand it, my wifey? I'm really possessive about you, so don't make me mad okay? If you don't want any punishment, better not do anything I wouldn't like." He held my waist while rubbing my left hand with his right hand.

The prince looked so stunned by his actions towards me, but only for a while. He then covered the tense air with his chuckles to make it less awkwards. "Hahaha! My dear friend has finally found his happiness. I am happy for you. I still remember when you told me that you will not fall in love with someone. I bet now the words you've said back then got you back, huh!" He tapped on Kai's shoulder while chuckling happily.

We then talked for a couple of hours at my Restaurant. They actually didn't know about it since I kept it from them.

We choose the classiest place that is only available if booked earlier. Since I've already instructed my employees to make it available upon my beck & call, the place is still available to us upon my arrival.

I look at my husband's face while he is talking with the prince. He looks so handsome. Our peaceful environment was distubed by screams directly behind our doors. Huh. Seems like there are guests who wanted to use our room.

The workers had already told him that it has already been reserved to someone else. To see what exactly is going out, we went out of our room. It seems the rabble-rouser has also managed to catch everyone's attention.

"You!. That guy already told you that this room was already reserved, yet you still caused trouble? Don't you have any shame?" I ask the guy without any guilty in my face

"I'm Kang wong, Son of the Minister of Education. Do you not know him? The most powerful man in this country.! If I want something, I must get it right here and right now!." Pride can be seen on his face, as if that is reason enough to warrant us to give in to his demands.

Both my husband and his friend are mad at this guy who made this ruckus in the restaurant. The third prince came in front of him, "And don't you know who I am?" He asked with an emphasis on the last 2 words.

Kang Wong made a confused face but then his eyes widened, "Yo...Your High..ness, I didn't know it was you! I'm Sorry for making a ruckus here." He stuttered out. Wow. Now he's afraid.

"You dare to raise your voice on my wife?!" Kai angrily asked. "You think with just your rank as a Son of Minister Education, I wouldn't dare do anything to you? Do you not know who you are talking to?" Kai coldly continued as he came closer to this Kang Wong guy.

Kai nearly raises his hand to punch the guy. If I wasn't able to hold his arm to calm him down, I think the guy earlier would be half dead right now.

"Husband, you need to calm down. You don't want to make any ruckus right?" I tried to persuade him. He looked at my face, the angry look in his eyes has slowly softened. I heard him breathe out a heavy sigh.

"Sir, you better get out of this restaurant before this guy here will make you suffer and humiliate you even more." I said while looking at the guy's face.

"I'm sorry for what I have done. I shall reflect & redeem myself at home." He now bows his head in shame. Looks like he has already smeared his name with his earlier actions. I now pity this guy. With his pride, his name's now blackened.

When all was said & done, we now returned to our seats. One of my workers came to our table to give his apologies in regards to the incident earlier. I looked at his face and admonished him firmly "You should have strongly insisted to him & stoond on your ground that this room already has customers."

My eyes softened upon seeing his quivering, as if he's so close to crying. "Hey, I'm not mad at you. I'm just giving you advice on how to deal with this next time. Please don't be sad." I brush his hair. He looks like a kitten. This worker of mine is just fifteen years old. He's not really old enough to handle such customers.

"Thank you, Madam." He shyly thanked, his cheeks blushing. "You're welcome, now go & return to your work." I said to him.

I saw both guys on this table looking straight at me. "Why did he call you Madam?" Third prince asks me with his left eyebrow raised in question, as if demanding an answer from me. "Because I'm the owner of this restaurant." I answered while calmly sipping my tea, not minding the widened eyes of the men in my table.

"What!!??" they both screamed together. Well...

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