Arc 1.3 - Kai

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Rina's PoV

Kai's Birthday celebration turn success. Everyone that been invited seem enjoying it a lot.

Suddenly I hear Lei's voice (Kai Father) trying to make an annoucement.

"Everyone, thank you for coming to my son birthday celebration. It's my first time make a celebration for my son. A reason for this celebration is to celebrate my son success to make in an army as Junior General in our Kingdom. He is my pride. Let's clap for he success"

Everyone is clapping cheerfully.

"The second celebration is introduced my son's fiance to all of you. Rina, come here." Everyone seem trying to find me while I'm trying to hide from their attention.

Suddenly I feel someone touched my shoulder. Lee Anne.

"Go, Uncle Lei called your name. Father will be mad if you don't go" she said.

I awkwardly walk and standing beside Kai.

I smile thinly and respectly greeting everyone.

I saw my parents smiling proudly at me while a few people whispering each other.

"You didn't tell me about this" I whipered at Kai.

"Is not this what you actually want?" He whispered back.

Yes, I want this to be in my real life. Not this life.


Then, one by one congrats us. I pretend that I is pleased at they words when I actually tired faking smile at them.

After that Kai brought me to meet elders of his family. I introduced myself again then take time to talk with them.

After a while I actually enjoying myself, because they all are very happy go lucky. Not like that aloof guy over there.

I try to look at my sister. Where is she?

"Mother, can I borrowed Kai for a while." I smile at them.

"Just take him, he is your after all." Then they laughed at it. I pretend to shy at their jokes and pulled Kai with me.

I saw Lee Anne sit on the bench at backyard.

"Go, talk to her. This is your chance, entertained her" I say to Kai.

"Are you actually serious about this?" He look at me. I nod my head.

"Yes, I am" go.. I pushed him.

"Wait.. " he hold my right hand.

"If one day, I fell in love with your sister what will happened to you?" Kai asked me.

I chuckled at him. "Are you worrying about me?" I giggle again.

"Don't worry, if you marry my sister then I will find someone else who love me to be married with." Then I walk away from him.

Kai's PoV

What just happened. I wake up for today not to expecting this to happened.

Even I'm some time aloof and cruel, I will never cheat on someone.

I look at Lee Anne. She sit beautifully on the bench watching peacefully at river.

I walk to her and take a sit beside her.

"Are you not enjoying inside?" I asked her. She tilted her head to look at me.

"I not used to it." She said.

"Why is that?" She start talking, she look sad but then happy. Some times I nod my head, some times I talk back to her.

I actually enjoyed her company. We talk and laughed.

"How is Rina doing?" I asked her. She look at me, her eyes is brightening.

"She is good sister. She even help me this morning and today I actually feel like my whole life started to changes into a new one." I smile thinly at her.

"You should smile. Rina once tell me about how she fell in love with you. It silly but cute. She is only Ten years old back then. I don't think she understand about love." She giggle. I nod my head.

Yeah.. I already now about her feeling at me. I look at Lee Anne. And touch my heart.

I like her.

But it's not love.

"Maybe you're right. She don't understand about love, and so do me." I said.

"I think we should walk back inside, they must worried about us."she said.

We walk inside my house, then I saw my little niece running around my house with Rina chasing after them.

The laughed and happy aura make me also smile at them.

I look at Rina cathed one of my niece.

"Finally I got you" she kissed his chubby cheeks then put him down again. I saw his hands holding Rina clothes sleeve.

Rina kneel in front of him and pull him up again.

"Need my help?" I asked her. She jumped suprised at my voice but still give my niece at me.

"You start getting fatter huh?" I kiss his chubby cheeks. Its like indirect kisses.

I look at Rina, and she look at me.

She look like she proud of me. Her eyes is full and blacken.

Why I didn't realised it sooner?

That I actually fell in love with her?

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