Arc 3.3 - Zhang

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Third Pov

After Rina and Wang Yong arrived safely at Bai Lee's house, they become more like siblings. Rina's attitude toward Wang Yong begin to change, she became more clingy and more soft to him. He becomes the only person she can talk to and play with as her Grandfather's busy handling his business.

Grandfather exports and sells raw rice to the whole country. No one actually knows that he is the owner of this big retailer. He became one of the richest people in the country. Only the people who are close and trusted by Bai Lee know that he's the one who owns the Rice business.

Now, both Rina and Wang Yong like real siblings, everyone in Bai Lee's household begins to forget about their real story. All of the servants are very fond of Rina and Wang Yong because they didn't make any trouble and always respect their elders. They treat the servant like family and that's what made them special.

Now Wang Yong knows about his power. He can light up fire from his own hands. He has been practising in secret how to increase his cultivation without anyone knowing about it except for Rina and Bai Lee. They keep Wang Yong secret for themselves. As the months go by, he gains more power and skills.


5 years later

Rina is 12 years old and Wang Yong is 13 years old.

"Yong gege! Wait for me, don't walk to fast.." Rina runs after Wang Yong who excitedly walked towards the soldiers. They just came back from the war between Ree Country and Yee Country. People celebrate the Ree's army with proud, they succeeded in conquering Yee country as theirs.

"Rina told you to wait for me, didn't I" Rina grumpily said to Wang Yong. She slapped his right shoulder. Wang Yong's shout but not too loud "It hurts, you should not slap gege this hard. Gege is sorry, I'm too excited to see them. Rina don't you think they are cool?!" Wang Yong's said excitedly. Wang Yong's face was beaming when he asked Rina.

"Rina does not know, Rina doesn't find it exciting. Gege..look at me. Do you want to become a soldier?" Rina asks Wang Yong as his facing her. "Hmm... I want to join to be one of them" he said while looking back at the Soldiers.

"But...Rina doesn't want you to go, who will play with me when I'm alone. Rina doesn't want to be alone. Rina doesn't want to see gege hurt." Rina's eyes tear already fell down. She was sobbing.

"Emmm...Rina. don't be like this, gege hate to see you crying. Gege will buy you, sweets, okay?" Wang Yong tries to make Rina stop crying. He kept saying he will buy this and that. He didn't know that the real Rina is already smirking inside. She loves to be treated like a queen and spoiled by someones.

"Hmm..promise me that gege will buy me sweet," Rina said to Wang Yong, she's already stopped crying.

"Ermm...gege promise, now let's go." Wang Yong's hand pulled Rina's wrist to follow him. They walk around the city as today people welcome soldiers from their duties.

They walk together happily, unbothered by the gazes from the other people who looked at them.

Lee Rina and Wang Yong can be described as a Prince and Princess because they both are beautiful and handsome. Although Wang Yong is the real Prince he's already forgotten about the original self. He becomes more happy and open toward people.

"Gege look at's so beautiful" Rina looked at a cat's, it been caged by the seller. The cat meowing for quite loud, Rina looks at the cat with loving eyes. "Can we adopt it? Gege.. can we?" Rina asked permission to Wang Yong with a cute face. "Please, Rina will do everything..please Ge'ge" Rina's hand tug Wang Yong's sleeve. " can but if grandfather gets mad at me, Ge'ge will protect you but you must keep your word. You will do everything I said." Wang Yong's smirk his lips. Rina's look at him annoyed but still nodding her head.

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