Arc 4.7 - Xavier

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Warning!! This chapter kind of Heavy, beware. The rape attempt, curse words and something dark will happen in this chapter.

It's been seven since Rina and Xavier been together. She get to know everything happen in this world from Yeon. And that also included her previous memories.

A/N: This is more like Zackry PoV

Sarah met Zackry in a restaurant she's working as waitress. At that time, Zackry already had a wife and seven years old son. But Sarah is more attractive to him. Because yeah she is the female lead. All attraction is at her.

They get to know each other for months without Rina knowing.

Zackry take another huge step by take Sarah as his secretary in his company.

Zackry always bring Liam to his office, he always introduce Liam to Sarah. He want Sarah get Liam attention and his good side.

He love his son, but when Liam show tantrum to Sarah and call her home wrecker instead of Miss Sarah. He start to get mad at him without Rina knowing.

Liam, is the first one who caught his father cheating on his mother back, it all happens when he saw his father take that home wreker to a date, he saw his father kiss that home wreaker.

Liam tried to tell his mother but his mother doesn't believe him. Her love toward his father make Liam hatred to his father become more bigger than before.

He become rude and always throw tantrum in front of his father but when he face his mother he act like an angel.

And another couple months of hidden relationship with his mistress, his wife finally get to know his secret when he been caught kissing Sarah in his office.

Rina try everything to ammend their relationship but being second lead female, she been abandone by the male lead.

He take an action to divorced Rina the girl he married for 8 years. It's because Sarah said she doesn't want to be a misstress anymore. She want to be Mrs Sarah Will. Not Sarah James anymore and he listen to her.

With heavy heart and regret to not believe his son word, Rina take her son with her because they been kick off by his ex husband without any mercy and sympathy.

Now, everything changes after Xavier come into her life.

Xavier is actually a hidden character of this world. He become the second male of this world when he start to fell in love with Sarah James, she happen to be in the right place and the right time. She help him when he in dangers, a couple months before he married Zackry Will.

But the story changes when Kai's soul take over Xavier body. He avoid any danger and tried to find his wife as soon as he can.

He need to apologized from her. He need to gain her trust and also love, it's all because his twin soul from the previous world make a mistake. The previous is world collapse because the mistake his twin make, unfortunaty he soul also died in that world.

Become a Mayor in this world make it more easier to watch over his little Rina's life. When he saw that man cheat on her, he want to punch him but he can't do that, he afraid that they will be back together if he interfere.

Even when he tried to avoid Sarah James as he can however the world is not big enough for he to run away from her.

He did meet her in a party with Zackry. She even tried to seduce him. At that time is crucial of Sarah and Zackry marriage because Zackry keep coming back to Rina's life. He regret to let go a perfect wife like her in his life.

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