Arc 3.7- Zhang

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Rina's PoV

What the heck just happened? I'm a cheater? Who is this guy? I thought when he open his mask i can see his face but he wearing another mask to cover half of his face.

"I'am sorry but I don't know who you are, why are you calling me as a cheater? I never been with anyone before" except for one guy, of course.

He placed his palm on my right cheek and said, "yes you are a cheater, you said you will wait for me. But now you have another guy wrap in your hands. Why is that?" He said, he voice sound so husky and deep. I can feel my heart beating fast. Why is that?

What is happened here? What is going on? Did the plot of the story change? Is it??

"Come with me," He said, I turn my face back to Danmei. "Danmei, tell Grandpa I will stay at Uncle Li's house. Don't tell him anything else than this. I will be safe, I promise" I tell Danmei, she look unsure at the guys that been circling us while ago. But she slowly make her way to home.

"Go, follow behind her. Until she arrived safely at Bai's house" He told one of his man to follow Danmei.

Then, He pull me to sit on horse with him. We move to the other place. I sit in front of him, He hug my waist and wear his mask back. I look around me. They all wearing a mask.

"We have arrived" he said to my left ear, I shivered. I tilt my head to see our destination. This is Rii Country right? What are we doing here.

The up front gate door is open. I saw a guy bow in front of him when we stop at the front of the gate. The whole people start to bow at him and me.

"Welcome back, My king" they said in synchronize

I try to look at him, but only mask I can see. I pretend that I was okay and smile to the people who bow at us. His horse start walking again with slow movement, follow by his man.

When we arrived, I saw a huge lake, House and backyard. Every single person that we been through, bow at him. Who is this guy?

"Let's go my sweetheart" he hold my waist and help me down from his horse. I hold my left with his. I follow him, I can see his man start to scattered and walk fractionly.

"Welcome to my home, it will be your... soon" He said, he still wear his mask.

"Wait...can you just wait for minutes" I hold his chest when he come forward to me, "I don't understand what just had happened right now. Who are you?" I asked him.

"Don't you remember that I had said that i will find you in our next life. And here I am" he said to me. I look at him in confusion. But what about Li Yong?

"Wifey.. look at me" He open his mask, I gasped when I see his face. Husband. I want to hug him, want to kiss him but Im in a big confusion right now.

"Come here.... I will tell you something, I know you brain is stop working right now. Just like old you, My sweetheart" He laughed at me.

"I take this body live. When I came to this world, I'm lived in another country its called as Rii's country while your is Yii's country. I been searching for these past 20 years. But I can't find you.

I never stop searching for you, sweetheart. My heart can't stop thinking about you. Last year, I joined a competion to conquer the Emperor place in your country. And I won, I am a new Emperor in your country also with mine.

Last year I try to search for you and I succeed. I been looking for you when you stay at Bai' house. But you never notice me. You saw me but you ignore me when I'm in your house.

I still remember when your grandfather said that you already engage with someone when you are just 12 years old. And you been waiting for him to come home. You know what I felt back then? My wife dare to cheat on me even when She said, she will wait for me. Just how... could you, Rina" he explained to me, I can see his tear flowing out. I wipe it out and cup both of his cheeks with my hands. My eyes are also full of tears. My heart breaking into a pieces.

"How can I know, husband? You face look exactly like him" I said and smile at him. He hold my hand in his. And kiss it.

"How is your life back then? What about our kids?" I asked him "they lived well, very well. I'm happy too but my heart felt empty when you were gone. I didn't stay there for long time because my heart is belong to this person. How can I wait for any longer, what will happen if I'm late? If Im late, Maybe you will marry that guy right now" he pout his lip and turn his head to the left.

I hold both of his hands. "What is your name, Husband?" I asked him. "Li Zhang Ying" I smile at him and hug him.

"His name is Li Yong. But I know his real name is Li Zhang Yong. He is your brother. When he was gone to army, I been investigating his backgrounds.

Based on your name, I know he is your twin's brother. But what I can't understand, why he also call me as his. Are your soul splitted into two person?!" I look at him with widened eyes and gasped at him.

"This is not what it is, Right? You are not splitted into two person, right? How can I be with two person at the same time?! What will happen then?"

He rakes his hairs and sigh at me "I'm sorry, Sweetheart. But I really did splitted into two person" He rubs my back to calm me down.

I look at him with widened mouth.

Yeon...what should I do now???


A/N: What's going to happen? If she with both guy, will you guys accept it?


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