Arc 1.7 - Kai

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Rina Pov

In the next morning. I wake up in the embrace of my Little giant. I try to get out from his hug but more i try the it become more tight. He hug my waist and put he face in the crook of my neck.

I try it again. I succeed to put my right leg out from the bed. Slowly i try to escape from his embrace. Success. Fuhh.

After i succeed to get out from his hug, i stand beside the bed and look at his face. I push his hair aside and kiss his forehead.

Then, i tried to walk to the bathroom slowly. I cringe at the soreness i get from the beast that still on bed, who's still sleeping peacefully.

After i done cleaning myself, i call my maids silently to take my clothes and asked them to wear it for me, because i can not do it alone. My back is aching, my personal maid face's so red when she saw lots of love bites from Kai's. She try to pretend she didn't saw it.

I done wearing my dress clothes. I walk to the bed again to wake my little giant from his beautiful sleep.

"Kai, wake up...Kai... Little giant you have to wake up. Hubby!.." For a while i wake him softly however he doesn't wake up from the soft shake on his shoulder, then I try to make it more harder.

"AHHH.." he pull me above him. I feel so shocked because it so unexpectedly.

"My wifey is not sweet at all, you should kiss me if you want to wake me up" his voice is more huskier than yesterday, and what?? How dare he pout his lips.

Without any further do, i kiss his lips. "Good morning my little giant. You need to wake up. Because we need to greets the elders and have some talk sessions with them. Its not appropriates to stay in the bedroom for a quite long time." I say with soft and shy smile. I rub his naked shoulder softly.

"My wifey is so considered person. I love it, but wifey, i want to spend more cuddle time with you. I don't want to wake up from this bed" he say soft and i can feel he pouting his lips because the way he put his chins on my right shoulders, while his nose in the crooks of necks, i can feel his lips against my skins..

"My little giant. Rina do love to cuddle with you but we need to greets the elders. Its like we not respecting them if we don't make any greeting after we been married" i explained to him.

I pout my mouth. I feel like he try to shames me, as if he doesn't want me to get out from the bedroom. The elders will think bad of me. I don't want it to happen. I want he to get the good names from the people aboves and belows him. I don't him to get bad name and images because of me.

I'm in the dazed situations. "Wifey... we should go out from this bedrooms. Cause right now i having a thought to pins you down on this bed and take you again in my arm. If we don't move right now. I don't know what will happen next." He kiss my shoulder with cloth on after he push my hair aside.

I feel his breath on neck. I feel his hand start walk around inside my clothes. He try to open it.

"KAI..." i get out from his embrace and scold him. I turn my face and look at him. Here we go, haaa. We get a needy husband.

"Hubby, we need to go now. Rina will waiting for you to get a bath. Rina promise you that tonight Rina will serve you right, okay. Don't pout your mouth you like a little baby. You're my little giant, it doesn't suits you if you do that" i try to console him.

I put my hands around his neck. And brush his hair slowly while look into his eyes with soft smile.

"Okay, i hold your promises. You need to serve me good or there will be consequence if you didn't make it come true" his naughty smile appear on his face.

"Yeah. Yeah.." i chuckle a little when he said there consequence if i didn't do what i had promises earlier.

I actually do have a lot of kinks in my head. If he does not give me punishment, i'm the one who will do it to him. I grins softly, while look at his lust eyes.

*She is really a pervert girl. I should not offer you to join this game* Yeon

"Now go, Rina will wait for you at the table" i push him to bathroom door.

I wait for him to finish his bathing session. Then i help him wear a clothes. I choose the black color one, because he look so hot in this color. While i'm wearing white color.

Then after we walk out from our bedroom. We greets the elders. My face's blushing when his family's joking around about us. Saying that Kai's is so clingy person, he is a vampire when they saw hickey and love bite on my neck.

I'm having a long talk with Kai's family. Sometimes they joking around. Sometimes we in some kind of a serious but funny topic. We talking for hours.

We also playing a game.
-Find me if you can-.

It a pairs game. Of course i'm with my little giant. Kai's father and mother are pairs. Total for all are six pairs including us.

The game is like, we must catch our love person. Its meant i need to find Kai. My husband. The game is so simple.

There is a circles. I can touches all the person that been involves in the game but i need to choose only one person. Obviously. My eyes will be close with a fabric, i can't see anything or anyone.

The first pair is our grandparents. Next is his (our) parents *Because Kai's now Rina's husband so his family is also Rina's family. The opposite also like that.*

Then, turn for Kai's cousin and also with the other pairs. Until the last pair which is us. I'm the one who have to find my husband.

Then, the game start. They starting to close my eyes with a black fabric. They brought me into the circles. I have to touch one by one. Hand's exactly to find my husband.

I been touching every single guy's hand that been line up in the circles Until the last one. I try to remember how their hands feels like and In the middle i feel a bit confuse, because both of Kai's hands have a scar on it.

The middle one feel so similar to him. When i have confident with my answer i walk closely in to the middle one. I hug him and said "my little giant..hubby".


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