Arc 4.10 - Xavier

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A/N: This Chapter have an Adult contents.

I wake in Xavier's embrace. I turn my body slowly and take a look at him.

His neck and chest full of hickey the result of our steamy love. He is a monster. Like always.

I ruffles his hairs softly. I really love to look at his sleepy face. So handsome and yummy. I brush my finger on his six pack.

"Morning...Baby" his husky voice make me shocked. He held my finger and kiss it. He put my finger in his mouth and play with it while his other hand brush my leg seductively. Without me knowing I already on his waist.

"Pervert's Xavier" I said to him. He chuckled lively and the smile on his face is beaming beautifully.

He is lucky is that Liam on school vacation.

A/N: close your eyes. Ahhhh!!

Yeon: you should skip not close, idiot author.

"Only for you, Sweetheart" He lean his body on bed board and pull my body to him. The quilt is already gone. He kiss my neck and breast softly.

_*Euww, My eyes!!* Yeon closely his eyes, but open a bit. Uuuu. I need to capture this moment. Hehehe_

"Erm.." He brush his finger on my leg to my clit. Then he put his index finger in.

He look at me with lust while playing inside me. He put another finger and scissoring my clit. 

"No...argh!! Please...arhh.." My body is shivering due to his playful fingers is fingering inside me. I put my hands on his shoulder.

"Are you gonna comes, baby! Please come for daddy then" He put another finger. He thrust in and out deeper inside me while pulling my hairs a little bit and nibbling my breast.

"!!" I hold his hands to pull it out but also feel pleasure when he thrust in.

"Oh my...I'm Please!!!.I am..arghhhh" I am splurting my cum but he doesn't stop thrusting in. I try to pull away.

"Where are you going, slut?" He put another finger in. Oh my cats!! It too deep.

" more.." he chuckled at my messiness. My hairs is scatter on my face.

"But I didn't cum yet, baby" I see he pull out the condom. Oh..boy.

He bite the plastic and put on the condom.

"You think Im gonna listen to you, Baby?" He laughed devilly and thrust himself inside me while I am on top of him.

"No...too deep..lets change it!" I begging to him but he didn't listen to me, he pull and push even deeper. He bite my neck.

"Ahhh..haaa..your..hmmm..inside you feel great, baby!! I can do this..all day" he kiss my lips to shut me for moaning loudly.

"Mommy!! Dad!! I thought we going to amusement park!" Liam knock and yelled from outside. We stop for a while. I put my hand on my mouth.

Isn't Liam is still on vacation?

I look at the clock. Thats mean he already back in the morning.

Sh*t! it already 12 p.m

We promise him to go to amusement park together. Dang boy.

Xavier look at me and chuckled. He still inside so I kinda feel vibrating. Dang I am still horny.

"Wait, Mom is gonna be ready soon honey, wait for me and your dad to get ready." I yelled from inside but I knew he will hear it.

" and dad is getting ready now!!" The tease look of Xavier giving me bad feeling.  When he heard I said that make me shivering.  Cause he gonna do somethimg bad after this.

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