Part 2

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I watch the male wolf stalk through the woods, a predatory air about him as he slinks through the trees. I don't dare move, keeping my breathing quiet as I try not to make a sound. I'm hidden behind a thick brush, praying that it's enough coverage for my light fur as I peek out at the wolf through the leaves. There's no doubt he's an alpha by his large, built frame, a body designed to kill. He's coming closer, and I swallow in fear as I realize he's more than double my size.

His fur is a dark brown, nearly black, and it's hard to keep my eyes trained on him as he moves, blending in with the shadows of the trees.

I'd been running on adrenaline the entire night, just hiding and moving slowly as I tried to stay conscious. Now I have no idea where I am and no decided destination. A hopeless situation, really. And now it's morning, the sun peeking through the foliage, to my misfortune. The cover of darkness is much easier to hide in.

My paws are so sore, they feel rubbed raw and I'm pretty sure they've got all kinds of splinters in them because I haven't used my wolf enough lately to have formed calluses on them.

Then I see something in the corner of my eye and look down, spotting a horrendous giant spider crawling over the dirt toward me at lighting speed. If there's one thing about me it's that I'm deathly afraid of bugs and the ones with multiple legs are the absolute worst. Without thinking, I skitter back, my tender paw landing on a sharp twig that makes me whimper in pain though I try to stop it.

The wolf stops in his tracks, ears straightening in alert. Shit. He heard it. I watch in horror as he sniffs the air. He can smell my unfamiliar scent, my fear. Alphas always can.

I lower myself to the ground in a last-ditch effort, losing sight of him as I cower in the dirt and leaves. I can't run now, he's too close and he'd catch up to me in seconds. All I can do is wait, holding my breath as I pray to the Moon Goddess that he won't find me.

I don't know who he is but an unknown alpha is always a threat, whether he's a rogue or from a different pack.

And then I feel it. Something's watching me.

I look up and I find myself staring into glowing amber eyes, so intense and threatening in their nature that I lose my breath.

He's found me. He's looking at me over the brush and I back up on my haunches, trembling in fear. There's no way to communicate with him in our wolf forms because he's not in my pack, and mind-link is reserved for only fellow pack members or bonded mates.

The wolf doesn't attack. He just stares at me menacingly, almost looking curious. He seems to realize we won't be able to talk like this and I watch as he transforms, his wolf morphing into a humanoid figure before me. As he rises to his full height I question what I thought I knew about alphas. I've always thought Alpha Ferix was tall but this man puts him to shame, standing at what looks like 6'7". The brush covers the majority of his body, which I don't know if I should or should not be thankful for because he's in his birthday suit and I don't know if I'm ready to see his entire package upon first meeting. But from what I can see of his broad shoulders and strong, chiseled jaw, I know that his human form shares a great likeness with his powerful wolf.

"You shouldn't be here," he says, voice rumbling and deep as he addresses me.

I don't respond. I can't respond, really. I'm still in wolfy mode and I'm too embarrassed to transform in front of him.

"Do you know where you are?" he asks.

I shake my head quickly. All I know is that Dark Moon is far behind me.

"This is Shadow Pack territory, little wolf."

I feel my blood run cold. Shadow Pack. That's where I am. This scary wolf is from Shadow Pack. I try not to let the shock on my face show at his words. Because if this alpha figures out I'm from Dark Moon, the enemy, he'll probably kill me on the spot. There is no friendly blood between our packs, no, just very very bad, murky blood. The perimeter guards of my pack are trained to kill Shadow Pack members on sight and I'm sure it's not so different here.

"What pack are you from?" The alpha asks the dreaded question and I know I have to lie.

"Blood Creek?"

I shake my head.

"Silver Tree?" He continues, listing off the nearby packs. I don't know what to do so I just shake my head again.

"Dark Moon?" He says the words in an odd tone, one full of resentment. I nearly nod but then I catch myself, shaking my head a bit too vigorously. I feel ridiculous by now, shaking my head over and over because I can't use my voice. But am I really ready to be stark naked in front of this guy as he interrogates me? My clothes are long gone, having ripped off me when I transformed and now the only thing I can possibly use around me is a leaf that I could put over my crotch. Somehow that sounds worse than being naked.

"So what are you, then? A rogue?" The man eyes me skeptically.

I have to have an answer. And being a rogue at this moment doesn't seem all that bad. So I finally nod. The movement after all my previous head-shaking makes me woozy, setting off the throbbing pain in the back of my skull.

I falter, sinking toward the ground as I whine in pain. I take shallow breaths, trying to see what the man is doing as I lie against the dirt. Is he going to spare me? I don't think I can be considered much of a threat as a teenage omega with a head injury.

But I can't see properly, it's blurry and I don't know what's happening until I feel strong arms around me, picking me up off the hard ground. I'm being carried then, against a firm chest as I try to stay conscious to see what's going to happen to me. But it's impossible, and all I can do is go slack against him, leaving my fate in his hands.

World info:
-Werewolves live in packs, those not in packs are rogues
-Mates are found, not chosen (made for each other, basically)
-Male omegas can get pregnant and have heats (this storyline is not based around mpreg, but there are mentions)
-Alphas are the strong ones, they are bigger than omegas. Omegas are smaller and considered weaker
Disclaimer, in case u don't like some of these elements 👍☺️

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