Part 38

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Lylah, Wren, Jay, and I are passing out flyers for the school play today. When Ms. Harlow first gave them to me I planned to pass them out on my own but Jay overhead the conversation and insisted on helping me. Then one thing led to another and now we're all in an awkward huddle in the hallway.

Jay coughs. Wren scratches his head.

"Guys, I literally can't take this weird ass vibe we're having right now so someone say something," Lylah breaks the silence.

"Something," Jay says.

Lylah crosses her arms at him. "Very funny, ball boy. Remind me why we're doing this again? The play is like months away,"

"The teacher said no one will come if we advertise last minute,"

"Are you two even in the play?"

"I'm the understudy of an understudy..." I say. I was forced to take on the part, but Ms. Harlow told me theres only a minuscule chance I'll actually have to perform and I can just stick to backstage work.

"I'm a tree," Jay says.

Lylah and Wren share a look and she sighs, pinning one of the flyers to the bulletin board we stand in front of.

"Can we also put one higher up?" I ask, standing on my tiptoes and trying to reach a more visible point on the wall to put it on.

"Let me help you with that," Jay's hand is suddenly on my waist, his chest against my back as he takes the flyer from my hands with his free one and places it where I wanted.

"O-Oh thanks," I say as he pulls back. A weird feeling of guilt settles in my gut, emanating from the place his hand was on me. Lylah is giving me some serious eye looks and I raise an eyebrow at her. She furiously starts tapping at her phone, her long acrylics clacking on her screen. I look for her incoming message once Jay has gone across the hall to hand the flyers out to a group of students.


Lylah: wat the hell was that??

Me: idk...

Lylah: Jay didn't need to touch u like that to put the flyer on the wall

Me: I know but it was only a small touch

Lylah: Daemon would kill him for less!!

Me: i like didn't realize what was even happening until after

Lylah: I won't say anything but I think u should

Me: I feel like it would be mean tho. He probs didn't mean anything by it

Lylah: i-

Lylah is typing...

A sudden call from Daemon lights up my phone and I immediately jump to pick it up, a smile unconsciously coming to my face.

"Daemon?" I say cheerily once I answer the call.

"Hey, shortcake," Daemon's voice is worn down, a bit gravelly and I immediately know something is wrong.

"Is everything okay?" I ask worriedly.

"No. No. I know you're at school right now but, uh, can you come down to the hospital? It's Lucien,"

Immediately my eyes go wide and my chest clenches in fear. Something's happened to Lucien?

"I'll be there right away,"

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