Part 46

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So little author update: Im not doing too well atm...having a lot of anxiety, overwhelmed by school, and it's a sucky situation in general...I will continue this story, no doubt, but I know updates have been slow. Im sorry guys! I really appreciate you and your comments brighten my day.

I wake up at 5pm, my mind fuzzy and heart anxious. I almost think the whole thing with Daemon was just a dream until I feel the telltale soreness in my ass when I sit up in the bed.

Nothing makes sense right now. The fact that Daemon came back after supposedly being on a mission. The fact that he rejected me so brutally, but the then just this morning he told me he loved me right before he left. I'm not even sure that was real. Maybe I was hallucinating. I can't trust myself at this point. I feel like my mind has finally collapsed and gone crazy.

Daemon's gone, of course. I searched the house just in case, some lingering minuscule hope in me that he'd stay.

My heat still lingers, so I take a luke warm shower to cool down. Im reluctant to wash Daemons scent off me, but the reminder is too painful anyway.

After im done getting dressed, I head downstairs. Im about to go get some food from the fridge when I remember something. Last night, when I caught Daemon in the study, he was doing something on the computer.

I make my way to the room, determined to find out what he was going. I sit down at the desk, powering on the PC. I've never been good at computers, probably because I only got access to one when I first came here. The first thing I'm challenged with is a password. I chew on my lip, typing in the first thing that comes to mind, Daemon. Nope. I try a few other things before it finally clicks. I type in Rose, instantly getting access.

I smile to myself at the minor achievement, opening up the browser. I look up the history, hoping it hasn't been cleared. Oh, sweet, stupid Daemon. He didn't clear his history or even sign out of his account. Guess I'm not the only one bad at computers.

I find that his accounts been completely inactive for a few months, but a recent notification catches my eye. I click on it, opening an email thread with Tristan.

Daemon: 3 dark moon scouts moving in. Had to come back and keep an eye out.

Tristan: stay low. The Council still has no idea what Theo's been doing. Everyone still thinks you're on a mission. If someone sees you and talks—Theo will know what we did

Daemon: thanks for letting me know. doing what I can. I have to make sure these scouts aren't here for him

Tristan: you're obsessed with that little sheep dude. But I've got one of my own now. I get it.

Daemon: nicee

I squint at the chat, trying to understand what any of it means. What I get is that Daemon spotted some dark moon scouts, which isn't unusual, that he and Theo had some kind of altercation, and that Daemon is obsessed with a sheep. What sheep??

I groan, trying to scroll up in the chat for more context but there isn't any previous chat history.


I have a million questions swirling inside, and a lot of free time on my hands. Since Daemons been gone, I've had a lot of that. Usually I'd just spend my days with him.

I have my friends, too, but Lylah is busy with the graduation committee, Jay is preparing for the last game of the season, and Wren—oh, don't even get me started on him. He's getting railed by Tristan 24/7.

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