Part 51

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The car ride to my house is silent. I get out of the car without a word, slamming the door. Guilt at being so mean to Jay immediately overcomes me, but I don't turn back. I can't even look at him right now.

The lights are off, so Daemon isn't home yet. I'm too tired to shower, so I just wash my face and put ice on my eyes to de-puff and erase the evidence that I was crying. 30 minutes later and I look completely fine. At least on the outside.

I fall asleep on the couch, numb from everything that happened. I wake up to Daemon's keys in the door. He's home! Thank goodness. He's just what I needed after this terrible day.

I smile sleepily, holding my arms out for him as he comes in and he immediately drops his stuff on the floor to come to me. "How's my pretty baby?" he coos, kneeling down to kiss me as I wrap my arms around his neck, pressing my lips back into his.

"Good," I lie when we pull away, "How was your work?"

Daemon doesn't reply, instead pressing his nose to my neck and breathing in, frowning. "The play was tonight, right? Who drove you home?"

It all comes flooding back. Jay. The attempted kiss. Somehow, Daemon knows something. Shit. This really wasn't a problem I wanted to tackle tonight. I just wanted to forget about it all and cuddle up with my mate.

"W-Why are you asking?" I say, trying to deflect.

His expression hardens. "Why don't you want to tell me?"

"T-Theres no reason..! It was L-Lylah,"

His eyes darken. "No, it wasn't,"

"How would you know?"

He pinches the bridge of his nose in frustration. "Because I smell alpha all over you and the last time I checked the redhead is an omega," he explains, looking angrier by the second.

My eyes widen. Shoot. I didn't shower. And I didn't even realize Jay put his scent was on me. I forgot that alphas could release their scent like that on command. God, it must have happened when he confessed to me!

"L-Listen, it's not what it seems like—"

"Who were you with?" He asks sternly.

"Come on, Daemon—"

"Who the fuck were you with?" He raises his voice and I have to everything in my power not to cry.

"W-Why do I have to tell you?" I protest.

"Because you just lied to me!"

"Alright, fine! I was with J-Jay. H-He's in the play too! What's so wrong with that?" Daemon acting like this is just the icing on the cake, isn't it? I'm getting worked up and upset all over again.

"What's wrong is he sent you back here with his smell all over you to prove something to me," He says darkly, the muscle in his jaw ticking.

"I-It was nothing! Nothing you need to worry about!"

Daemon eyes glow murderously at that, and I realize my mistake. I made it sound so much worse. Like something actually did happen.

"Did that fucker do something to you?" He asks, voice dangerously low.

My lip trembles, my eyes begging him to stop. But I know he won't.

"Tell  me." He uses his deep alpha tone on me, something he's never done before. It's so intense and intimidating that my omega immediately submits, my wolf rolling over in submission.

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