Part 28

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I go home that day feeling like crap. I don't reply to Daemon and he doesn't text any more than that. I've probably made everything worse but there's nothing I can do.

The house is lonely when I get back. Lucien's away until late but that means I can hoard all the candy I want from the secret stash so it's not too bad. Maybe it's because I was never allowed any sweet treats growing up that I am so addicted to them now.

I'm finishing up some homework later in the afternoon when Lylah calls me. "How did things go with Wren?" I ask nervously.

She sighs. "We..talked. Talked about everything. I really missed him. And like, you're my bestie too but--things can't keep going on like this,"

I bite my lip, dreading what's going to come next. Is she going to cast me out? "I know,"

"You guys need to sort it out. I don't want to be stuck in the middle anymore,"

"I'm sorry," I immediately start, "T-this is all my fault--"

"Ash stop! I'm not trying to make you take the blame! I--I just want this to be fixed. Can you do that?"

I'm quiet for a moment. How am I supposed to fix it when Wren won't even talk to me? "Yes. I'll fix it," I say anyway. I don't want to disappoint her.

"Alright. And I'm going to try and convince Wren to come around,"

"Babe?" I hear Yvonne's voice in the background.

"Gotta go, Ash. My girlfriend is over right now!" she says giddily, her mood the exact opposite of mine. But good for her...

"Oh, bye then. Have fun..!" I tell her, my voice strained. I decide that I need to talk to Jay about this tomorrow.


A while later, the doorbell rings. That's strange. Did Lucien get home early and forget his key? I go downstairs to check it out, not bothering to check the peephole before opening the door.

When I see Daemon standing there, my stomach drops and I try to slam it back closed immediately. But he's too fast. He grabs the door before it can shut and pushes it open, forcing me back.

"No..!" I try to stop him but it's pointless because of his strength. Before I know it he's fully inside and I'm panting from our door battle, pressed against the wall. He looks ticked off as he eyes me and I quickly stare at the ground, avoiding eye contact with him.

"You don't want to see me that much?"

I bite my lip, not replying.

"Tell me why,"

I don't want to talk about this. "I'll give you back your jacket," I say.

He doesn't like that. "Ash--"

"I-I'll go get it for you," I try to escape up the stairs when suddenly he grabs me, pinning me to the wall with ease. I gasp as one of his hands wraps around both my wrists, pinning them above my head. He doesn't do it violently and it doesn't hurt, but it shocks me nonetheless.

"Are you going to pretend it didn't happen?" he leans down to me, his voice husky.

I shakily breathe in, staring into his eyes. And at his lips. He notices, of course. Fuck, he's so close. A part of me wants to push him away and the other wants to throw myself on him.

His other hand comes up my face, tilting my chin upward. "Maybe I should jog your memory," he growls and then he's pushing me up against the wall, instincts taking over as he presses his lips to mine. It's hot, so hot, and so desperate. And it steals my breath away, along with my resolve. I can't stop myself from kissing back, letting my mouth be pliant for him.

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