Part 14

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I wait at the pick-up/drop-off area after school, keeping a lookout for Lucien's red car. But instead, I see Daemon's sleek black car pull up. I get in, confused. "I thought Lucien would pick me up?"

"He's got pack duties today,"

"Oh..okay," we sit in awkward silence. I don't know what to say to him after our last encounter. As I'm trying to think of what to say I spot a big bloody gash along his forearm.

"D-daemon! You're bleeding!" I gasp in horror, covering my mouth as the sight of the blood makes me nauseous.

"Thanks for telling me. I didn't know," Daemon replies sarcastically as he continues to drive, looking unfazed by his gruesome injury.

"H-how can you drive with that?"

"I didn't know getting a little scratch made me blind,"

"That's not a little scratch! Oh, Daemon it looks bad. We need to-We need to--" I grasp the dashboard, another wave of nausea passing over me and I scrunch my eyes shut, willing my lunch to stop from rising.

"Hey, I'm fine. Stop freaking out," he says in a stern tone. He's right. He's the one hurt, not me. I have to stop being so dramatic. I take a deep breath before sitting back in my seat. My eyes stray to the gash on his arm again.

"Are you really fine?" I ask as he pulls up into the drive of Lucien's house.

"Yes, omega," he pulls the key out of the ignition and goes up the steps to the front door, unlocking it for us.

"I'm just worried for you," I say gently, looking up at him.

His hard expression softens a bit. "Well don't be. I wouldn't be an alpha if something like this hurt me,"

"Still," I plead with him as my brows draw together, "It looks bad. You should treat it,"

Daemon brushes past me. "Later,"

I reach out and grasp his shirt without thinking, pulling on it. "No. Don't you know it could get infected?! Just wait here. I'm gonna get something." I declare then run up the stairs before he can protest. I go to the cabinet in the bathroom and grab the med kit I've seen in there before. Then I rush back down stairs to see him sitting on the couch.

He eyes what I've brought in my hands. "Do we really have to do this?"

"Yes," I plop down next to him and set the kit on the table, opening up to get the right supplies. Maybe it doesn't matter to Daemon if this scars, but it does to me. I know what it feels like to look back at the scars that have been inflicted on your body and drown in regret. Wishing that you'd been able to properly treat them so they don't look so permanent or been able to avoid getting them in the first place.

Daemon looks like he's given in, letting me pull his arm toward me. I expect him to flinch when I put the disinfectant on the open wound to clean it, knowing it stings like hell from experience but he doesn't flinch. Impressive. 

"So...h-how did you get this?" I ask the question I've been holding back for awhile. I can't help being curious.

"Had a run in with a Dark Moon scout. But what I did to him was much worse than this," Daemon smirks darkly.

I nearly drop the ointment tube I'm holding at the mention of my old pack. "Dark Moon?" my voice trembles, my eyes going wide with fear.

My mind jumps to Alpha Ferix. He commands the scouts so that makes it all the more disturbing. "W-what was he doing?" I ask.

"We were scouting the far-out perimeters of our territory after meeting with Blood Creek. Then he jumped out and attacked my brother,"

"Your brother?! Is he okay?" I didn't know Lucien had another son.

"The bastard is fine. Theo deserved it anyway. He's such a pain in the ass,"

"You don't get along with him?"

"God, no," Daemon looks exhausted as he watches me dab the ointment on the wound then wrap it with a gauze bandage. When I'm done he examines my work, lifting his arm. "Thanks. You've got a hand at this,"

I shrug. Anyone who's had to wrap their own wounds for years would be. "S-so back to what you were saying about the Dark Moon scout..."

"Why are you so curious about it?" Daemon asks me skeptically. Shoot. I forgot he might still suspicious about me.

"Hey, I'm loyal to this pack-- I'm just worried...!" I'm worried that Alpha Ferix sent that scout to find me is what I really mean, but I don't say it. I don't want to tell him my stepfather is Dark Moon's pack leader. He won't like that. It will definitely complicate things if he knows.

Daemon smirks. "Can see the gears turning in that pretty little head of yours. But don't worry, I don't think you're the reason behind it,"

My face flushes. "Why? You don't still think I'm a spy?"

Daemon shakes his head in amusement. "No. You're too naive to be a spy,"

"What?" I cross my arms in defense. "I am not naive!"

"Yes you are. You fall for people teasing you so easily."

"Geez, you're just like this alpha at my school."

This seems to catch Daemon's attention. "An alpha?" he asks, expression darkening.

"Well," I consider whether or not I should tell Daemon this because it might bore him but decide to anyway, "he said he wanted to be friends. Then tricked me that I had his name wrong. And he said it's because I'm fun to tease,"

Daemon looks dumbfounded, rubbing a hand over his face. "Seriously, omega. You're definitely too naive..."

"Hmph, and you're definitely wrong..!"


Eventually I have to go upstairs and do my homework so I leave Daemon to whatever he does when he's off duty. I wanted to ask more about the Dark Moon scout but it didn't seem like a big deal to Daemon so I let it rest. I guess it's not a strange occurrence since they are enemy packs. But anything to do with my old pack makes me nervous. I've managed to hide my identity so far but I'm still worried of course.

After awhile of not being able to concentrate I decide I can't do my work on an empty stomach. I head to the kitchen and search around for the M&Ms. Lucien sometimes puts them in different places. I suspect he's trying to hide them from me but I won't give up their chocolatey goodness just like that.

I see the box on top of the fridge which is pretty tall so it's out of my reach. I go grab a chair from the table and drag it over, stepping up on it as I reach for the box of sweets. Then I hear a clearing of my throat behind me, turning to see Lucien with his arms crossed, Daemon at his side.

"No candy before dinner," Lucien says disapprovingly as I squeak and get down from the chair. Well this is embarrassing. I didn't know he'd come home.

"I thought I told you to hide them well Daemon," Lucien looks to his son.

"I thought putting them somewhere high was good enough," Daemon shrugs. "I didn't know shortcake was gonna get a chair to make up for his lack of height,"

"I'm not that short," I glare at Daemon. He just raises a taunting eyebrow at me.

Then they're both just looking at me and it dawns on me that I'm talking to two 6'7" alphas and yes, I am very much short to them. "Well sorry...but I was only going to have one bag," I say sheepishly blushing. 

"Not tonight. You'll spoil your dinner and I'm going to make my Rose's famous Rigatoni Alla Carbonara!" Lucien says cheerfully, clapping his hands together which is the last you'd probably expect from a menacing-looking alpha like him. But he really is a big softie on the inside. And I wonder who this 'Rose' is. Lucien had called her his Rose so could she be his mate?  

Daemon, however, does not share the same attitude. He looks bothered by something, his brows drawn together in a deep frown but had only started to look like that after Lucien just spoke. Does he not like the dinner plan? Or does it have something to do with the 'Rose' Lucien mentioned?

I don't get the chance to find out because Lucien makes me go upstairs to finish my homework M&M-less.

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