Part 37

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When we get to the bathroom, my jaw drops. It's been completely transformed, rose petals scattered across the floor and counter and even floating in the bath. There are candles lit up all around the room, contributing to the amazing smell that wafts through the air from the steaming herbal bath water.

But that's not all. Beside the tub I'm greeted by a breakfast platter laid out on a small table. It's filled with chocolate croissants, avocado toast, different types of bagels, mini pancakes with whip cream, containers of jam and butter, bacon, scrambled eggs, a platter of fruits and two steaming mugs of tea.

"Oh Daemon," I tear up immediately, burying my face in his shoulder. "This is what you were up preparing all morning?!"

"Awe, my little crybaby," he coos, bringing me over to the tub and putting me gently in the water.

I sniffle, wiping a tear as he strips to join me. "I feel bad I was sleeping the whole time,"

Daemon gets in next to me, looking more energized than ever, which is the opposite of what I feel. Him fucking the living daylights out of me on top of my heat just completely threw me for the loop.

"Don't feel bad. All I want to know is if you like it," he says, pulling me onto him so I lie back against him, cradled in his arms.

"I love it. So much. Thank you," my lip trembles with the threat of more tears. I can hardly believe someone would do all this for me. That to him, I'm worth time and effort.

"Then that's all that matters," I feel his lips kiss my nape.

"Hungry?" He asks, reaching over to the plates of food.

Immediately I realize how ravenous I am and I eagerly nod. "Yes! This looks sooo good," I clap my hands together, turning to smile at him.

He guides a strawberry to my mouth and I bite into it gratefully, not able to suppress the noise of appreciation I make at the fruity flavor gracing my tongue. Then it becomes apparent to me that he's intently watching me chew it.


"Just imagining something else you could eat,"

My face reddens. "And here I thought you were being a gentleman,"

"Hey, I am a gentleman. You better tell your friends that I am," he says, mock-offended.

I cross my arms, raising an eyebrow at him. "The only thing I'm going to be telling them is what a beast you are,"

"This beast knows you like it," he smirks at me, eyes darkening.

"Hmm maybe..!" I give him a teasing kiss on the cheek then reach over hungrily for the chocolate croissant. I devour it in a minute flat and Daemon laughs at me when I reach for another one. I offer him a bite to which he responds to by biting off 3/4 of it.

"I said one bite!" I giggle at he struggles to chew it, cheeks stuffed with the pastry. Then he accidentally drops a handful of blueberries in the water and I die laughing, slumping against his chest. I can't help the little snort that comes out.

"The little piggy's made his return," he teases.

"Hey!" I scrunch my nose at him. Then an idea pops into my head for retaliation and I quickly reach over to dip my finger in the whip cream before smearing it on his nose.

He scrunches his brows, wiping it off with his fingers. Then he reaches towards me with the white cream and I screech, backing up in the water.

"Get back here," He snarls playfully.

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