Part 35

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Sorry the chapter is so late I've been very busy lately and have been having family problems. Also I am trying to make chapters longer now because I don't want the chapter count to be too long. Happy reading!

Instead of Wren being the one avoiding me, I'm now the one avoiding him. Lylah can't even hang out with me at school anymore because she feels bad leaving Wren alone. I'm with Jay most of the time, which earns me dirty looks from Wren on the occasion that I do see him. It's a whole mess, really.

I've tried to stop being guilty about it. There's nothing I can do! I don't want to talk to Wren. I don't want a confrontation. I don't want anything to do with it.

Usually, I wouldn't be so worried about all this if Daemon was around, but he's been gone for two days already. We call and message every day, but of course, nothing can replace actually being in his presence. He sometimes gets me to send pictures of myself and compliments my outfits, even though I'm hiding my face in every photo and take an hour to get one I'm okay with sending. I've been hoping I'll get one back, but all I ended up getting was one disgruntled-looking selfie where he looks like he just woke up. But it made me smile anyway.

While on a call with him later in the day, something pops into my head. "Oh, I never got the chance to ask you—um what happened with that guy who died? Zeke?"

"Him?" Daemon sighs. "Like I said. We thought he was going to make it. He had traces of heroin in his bloodstream—the amount was concerning, but the doctors said it'd be okay. Then a day later when they checked again, he seemed to have more in him—and it was impure, laced with metals. You know how deadly some metals are to wolves,"

"Mhm," I acknowledge. We learned about that stuff in school.

"Tristan thinks it has something to do with my brother, because he used to be an addict..."

"He was?" I mean, I did have my suspicions.

"Yeah. I even saved him from an overdose once, that ungrateful little shit,"

"Really?" I exclaim. "That must have been so—so scary!"

"It was. And he's sober now, but if he's still got access to the shit, uh, he might be connected to all of this."

"You've got to tell Lucien..!"

"Trust me. We have. And he investigated too, but there's no evidence correlating with my brother. So he just has to take Theo's word."

"But you don't buy it?" I ask.

"I don't know what I buy," Daemon sounds conflicted. "We have a big pack. There are plenty of others out there that could be the culprit. Tristan just hates Theo. I don't blame him for being suspect, though. That's why we're looking into it,"

"I see..."

"Drugs can spread like wildfire through a pack. It's dangerous. Leaves us vulnerable to attack. The thing is, Lucien already has so much on his hands—and I'm helping too—but it doesn't change the fact that he has no Luna to support him."

I feel for Lucien. I really do. He's responsible for so much, the weight of it all on his shoulders, yet he keeps himself together. Even without his mate. I just want to give him a big hug.


Today is the day Daemon comes back, so I'm pretty excited to say the least. We're also starting a play in theater which has been super fun so far. I'm just going to be doing work backstage because I have severe stage fright, but it's still fun to see the people rehearsing their scenes as I design the props.

I'm finishing my homework up on the couch as I think about school stuff when I hear the door open. I look to see if it's Lucien, but to my surprise it's Theo.

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