Part 25

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It starts one day randomly, the day the topic of crushes comes up while Lylah, Wren, and I are hanging out at her house.

"Okay peeps. I need your opinion. I know I usually go for guys but..Yvonne is pretty cute, don't you think?" Lylah pulls up a picture from the girl's Instagram on her phone, showing me. (The pic above)

"She is. You'd be cute together," I agree enthusiastically. "I feel like she likes you too,"

"You think?" Lylah says excitedly, jiggling her phone in her hands. "Shit! I liked it! And it's from 6 weeks ago!" She desperately taps at her phone for a few seconds.

"What about you, Ash?" Wren asks me suddenly, a strange look on his face.

Is he asking me if I have a crush? I mean, there's no denying I'm attracted to a certain someone. But still, I don't know what we are. Can I even call it a crush when I know he would never see me like that? The moments we share, maybe they're only special to me. I don't want to gush all about it to my friends only for it to be my own delusion.

"I dunno, really,"

"Well I know someone who's got a big fat crush," Lylah says, putting her phone down.

"Who?" Wren asks, looking anxious.

"Uh, I thought it was pretty obvious. Jay, of course!"

"Jay?" I question.

"Yeah duh, Ash. He's like, totally into you, if you haven't noticed,"

"Me??" I give her an incredulous look.

"Yes, you!" she exclaims in disbelief, throwing her hands in the air, "Have you seen the way he looks at you?!"

"I don't know," I scratch the back of my neck, "he's probably just being nice," There's no way such a popular guy would be attracted to me. I'm a nobody compared to him.

"Yeah, and guys are just nice without other intentions. Sure. Trust me, girl, he definitely likes you,"

"If that's true then I'm seriously questioning his judgment," I joke, deflecting because I refuse to accept it.

"Omg stop you're literally so nice and gorg," Lylah playfully jabs me with her foot across the bed.

I know she's lying, but I appreciate her trying to make me feel better so I don't deny it. Compared to her and Wren, I'm as plain as a blank piece of paper.

"I'm so done with this," we suddenly hear from across the room. Wren sits at Lylah's desk, glowering at us both.

"What?" Lylah raises a ginger eyebrow.

"I'm done."

Maybe crushes are a sore topic for him. "Are you having erm...boy troubles?" I ask, hoping that'll get an answer out of him.

"Actually yeah, Ash," Wren crosses his arms, narrowing his eyes at me. "But you wouldn't know anything about that, would you?"

I'm taken aback by the accusatory tone in his voice. "W-what does that mean?"

"Because you always get the guy,"

"I don't understand--".

Wren groans, pinching the bridge of his nose. "See? Do you know how annoying it is when you act like this?"

"I'm not t-trying to—"

"Why do you have to be so oblivious? For godssake, Jay's all fucking over you constantly and you can't take a hint? Are you slow?"

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