Part 16

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Happy New Year!

I get to class and find Jay in the seat next to mine. He asked the teacher to switch spots earlier in the week so we can 'study together', but mostly we just end up talking. He's also been walking with me to art every day and we sit there together too. But I'm a little concerned about him sitting next to me in math because one thing he's really good at is distracting me and math takes a lot of brainpower and concentration for me to do.

"Hi!" I greet him as I sit down.

"Hey. You look like you got negative hours of sleep,"

"Oh, is it that obvious?" I ask sheepishly as I press my hands to my face, wanting to cover the dark circles. This fight of mine with Daemon has a habit of keeping me up at night on top of already having insomnia.

"You're still pretty as always. Just tired looking," he smiles at me and I flush.

I don't know if I've heard him right because I think he just called me pretty. He must be joking, right? Yeah, he's probably just 'teasing' me as he said he likes doing. Because when I looked in the mirror this morning I was tempted to call it quits and just stay home from school because of how atrocious my appearance was. But Lucien doesn't like me missing school so I forced myself to tear away from the mirror and settled for wearing a hoodie.

"T-thanks," I say, going to focus on my work.


By 4th period I'm feeling totally grumpy and I know it too. Every little noise and interaction I hear or see from the other students grates on my nerves and I just want to bang my head against a wall. Well, not literally, but I'm pretty close to doing that honestly.

So when I walk into class and realize I'm going to have to deal with Trent's daily harassment I'm not in the least bit looking forward to it.

No later than a second after I sit down am I barraged with a question from the alpha. "Why were you absent yesterday?" Trent asks nosily.

"Because I was..?" I reply, wondering why Trent thinks that he will ever be someone that I'll confide in.

Actually, I was absent because of the chronic anxiety stomachache I have that chose to flare up yesterday but Trent doesn't need to know that does he.

Trent scowls, twirling his pencil around on his hand then loses his control of it, sending it rolling off the desk. He makes no move to pick it up. "That's not an answer,"

"Maybe that's because I don't feel like giving one," I huff, pulling out my notebook and slamming it a little too hard on the desk. Trent hasn't even said all that much but I'm already on my last nerve.

"Someone's PMS-ing," Trent smirks condescendingly, drumming his fingers on the desk as he eagerly awaits my reaction to his remark.

I cannot do this today. Is Trent actually dumb? Why am I even asking that, yes he is.

"You don't even know what that means," I roll my eyes, and from the snarl that comes to his face I know I'm right.

"Hey, watch your mouth, runt," Trent glares. "And pick up my pencil for me." He motions to the half-used yellow pencil that he's just dropped.

"What?" I look at him like he's crazy.

"I said, pick it up," Trent demands.

I chew my lip, amazed at the audacity of his request. Then I summon the courage for my response, taking inspiration from Lylah. Because I'm not going to take Trent's shit any longer.


Trent raises his eyebrows, shocked that someone disobeyed him. "What did you say to me?"

"I said no." I glare at him, clenching my fists. "Fuck. Off. "

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