Part 48

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As I approach the crowd, phone gripped in my sweaty hands, my heart is beating so loud I feel like everyone around me can hear it. Maybe they can, with how scared and nervous I am.

Tons of people are blocking my way, but I fight my way through them, fight my way to my mate. According to Lylah, he showed up at the pack house with two Dark Moon scouts he captured along the perimeter that attempted to sneak in. But Theo, of course, instantly got word from his minions that they'd seen Daemon. And now he knows that the brother he'd supposedly killed months ago is still alive.

This won't end well. So I have to try.

When I finally reach the center of the circle, I see it. The Dark Moon scouts held captive by council members that look uncertainly between Theo and Daemon. The air is tense as they glare at each other.

"How the fuck are you here?!" Theo seethes, fists gripped so tightly his knuckles are even whiter than his ghostly pale skin.

"I had to come back. I had to bring them in," Daemon growls, motioning to the Dark Moon scouts. Their is evidence of a fight on both Daemon and them and my heart twinges. Daemon had to fight them on his own. His cheek is bruised and various parts of him are bloody.

"You're not supposed to even be—!" Theo shouts, stopping himself before he exposes himself. Exposes the fact that Daemons not only not supposed to be here, he's not even supposed to be breathing.

"What exactly is going on here?" One of the council members intrudes.

Neither of them say anything. Theo can't, really, without revealing his sinister plan to the tons of people that surround us. I step forward. I'm shaking. I'm so scared. I have to do this.

"T-Theo has been l-lying to you a-all!" I accuse shakily, causing everyone's attention to go toward me.

Daemons head turns when he sees me, eyes wide with confusion and surprise, while Theo looks angry.

"You little—" he stops himself once again, reminding himself that the Council is watching. "You're in big trouble for the stunt you pulled the other day!" He growls.

"I-I shouldn't be. I s-stopped you from doing something v-very bad!"

Theo glances around us, the vein in his forehead close to popping. "The omega must be off his meds. Men, come take him somewhere he can be treated—" he motions to his goons, the line of alphas with dead looks in their eyes, waiting at his beck and call. One of them starts to move towards me.

"Don't even think about it," Daemon says darkly, moving in front of me to block his path.

"We would like to hear what the omega has to say, actually," the council leader, a tall alpha with light brown skin crosses his arms, addressing Theo.

"He has nothing to say!" Theo growls.

"Yes, I do!" I peek out from behind Daemon, insistent.

"Be quiet—"

I hit play on the recording.

"Y-you're poisoning him!"

"I'm sedating him," Theo's voice is cold in the recording, but exceedingly recognizable.

The council members' eyes widen and they all look at eachother.

"Oh, you fucking—" Theo comes towards me but Daemon grabs him roughly by the collar, pushing him back.

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