Part 20

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I look around, not spotting Lylah or Wren anywhere. Lylah's my ride home because Lucien is down at the packhouse tonight, so I text the group chat and ask where they are.

"Hey, I saw you earlier. Before you ran away, of course," a male voice says as someone walks up to me. I look up to see the blonde alpha from earlier who was staring at me earlier, one of the older guys from the group that was trying to hit on Wren. Ugh, why is he talking to me? He's not bad-looking but I have absolutely no interest right now. I just want to get home.

"My name's Henry. Maybe you've heard of me. I used to play for the team before I graduated,"

Did I ask? That's what I want to say but I don't. "Oh, cool..." I say politely, turning back to my phone in hopes he'll go away. To my disappointment, he doesn't.

"Ash, you shouldn't ignore people trying to talk to you," he reaches for my phone and I quickly pull away from him.

"W-what are you doing?!" I narrow my eyes at him. I don't even know who this guy is and he thinks he can just grab at my stuff?! And wait a second, how does he know my name?

"I just wanna talk," Henry frowns as if I've said something offensive.

"Uh, I gotta go. H-have to find my friends," I say before rushing off. I look back as I leave the bleachers and don't see him anymore. Phew. Think I lost him.

I look at my phone and still haven't gotten a text back from either Lylah or Wren yet. I even try calling but to no avail. I think they must have their ringers on silent. Did they already go to the car? I guess I'll just go to the car and see if they're there and if they're not I'll wait for them 'cause they have to show up eventually. Lylah didn't have a chance to park in the school parking lot because it was too packed tonight, instead, she parked on a side street in one of the neighborhoods by the school. It's a bit of a walk but it's not too bad.

I make my way down the sidewalk, turning the corner onto an empty street. I shiver in the cold, wrapping my arms around myself. It sure is dark out here. There aren't even any streetlamps, the moon being the only thing to light my way. I think about using my flashlight but my phone is nearly out of battery so I don't want to waste it.

I see Lylah's car in distance, seeing no evidence of my two friends whatsoever. Shoot, they must still be at school. I pull my phone out again to text them when I hear a leaf crunch behind me. Before I can turn around, I'm grabbed, something hard smacking against my head and my vision goes dark.


I wake up to the muted rumble of an engine, my head throbbing. I blink my eyes open, slowly registering my surroundings as my eyes adjust to the dark. I'm laying down on what feels like a plush cushion. The panic sets in when I become fully conscious again, struggling to sit up as I realize I'm in the backseat of a car.

Dread filling my stomach, I look to the front seat, at the man who's driving the vehicle. "Finally awake?" he asks, and I recognize Henry's voice. Fuck. I'm in deep shit.

I dive for the door handle but a clicking noise immediately locks it and my desperate yanking of it does absolutely nothing.

"We're going at 80, my sweet. You don't want to try that," he says as he steps on the gas and the car zooms forward on a dark road.

"W-Why are you doing this? Let me go!" I grab at him from the backseat, clawing at his shoulder and arm in an attempt to get him to stop driving.

"Fuck!" he swats my arm away, the car swerving a bit. "You wanna crash?!"

"Let me go!" I shriek again before the car makes a sharp swerve into an empty parking lot, throwing me against the side of the car because I'm not buckled in. As I'm recovering from the impact, he parks the car before starting to climb into the backseat with me.

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