Part 55

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I feel the mate bond go dark. Not like when Ash is sleeping. I can still sense his emotions in dreams. But not now. It's completely dark.

I break out in a cold sweat, reassuring myself that if—moon goddess forbid—he was dead, it would hurt much more than this. The only solution is that he's unconscious or far away. Far enough that he can't reach me through the mind link. Not that this makes me feel any better.

It halts any plans I had for interrogating the scout. On the way back to the house, we find Wren first. He's sobbing, cradled in Tristan's arms. My friend found him naked and bleeding, blubbering about how him and the redhead were coming after us, got separated, and an alpha found him and demanded to know where Ash was.

"Goddamn it, stop fucking crying and tell us what happened!" I snarl, causing the omega to flinch, curling into his mates arms. I don't have it in me to feel guilty. Not when it's about Ash.

"Don't talk to him like that," Tristan growls lowly, but I don't care if I'm offending him. I don't know where my mate is or what has happened to him and it's killing me.

"He—he took him," Wren whimpers and I can barely hear him.


"He said Ash was whoring himself to the enemy. He knocked him out and left. He stole him away!" Wren cries into his hands.

In that moment, I think my heart nearly stops. Ash was taken.

My mate was taken from me. Like I always feared.

I can't breath. I don't want to breath. Because I know exactly who'd do this. That goddamn stepfather of his. The bastard that tried to kill him before he ran away and I found him. The bastard that will inflict something horrible on my shortcake in the time that it takes for me to reach them. And there is nothing I can do to stop it.

"Daemon? Daemon!" Tristan's voice brings me back to reality and I look up from my shaking hands. "Get ahold of yourself,"

Fucker. As if he'd be fine if Wren was the one in Ash's place. He's already panicky over the omega's minor scrapes and bruises inflicted by Ash's stepfather. While my mate was fucking abducted by the abusive bastard.

Wren sniffles, adjusting Tristan's jacket around himself. "I'm so s-sorry,"

My eyes widen at the scent that comes off him, just a hint of it that comes with his movement. I know that scent.

That scent has haunted me in dreams for the past 13 years. The scent of the alpha that brutally murdered my mother right in front of me.

Now, also the scent of the man that I've sworn to kill for what he did to my mate.

Damned Ferix.


When I come to, I almost wish I was dead rather than waking up in the place of my nightmares.

I blink up at the ceiling that was home to my suffering for years of my childhood. The place that I'd be confined in up until over a year ago, when I escaped. I thought I would never face this again. I thought this was over.

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