Part 15

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Just like Lucien promised, the dinner is really good. I wish I could eat more of it but I don't have much of an appetite lately. I'm still not used to food being so readily available to me and it hurts my stomach to eat sometimes. But I still try my best to please Lucien because he's beaming when I tell him how delicious the food is. 

"So, Ash, how was school today?" Lucien asks me halfway through the meal. He makes sure to check in on me every day ever since my nightmare 'incident' which I'm grateful for even though it's a bit embarrassing. But it's nice to know someone cares. 

I think back on the day. It wasn't that eventful but I guess it was good. I was still anxious at school but seeing my friends helped a ton. 

"I made a new friend," I reply, twirling the noodles around on my plate with my fork.

Lucien smiles. "That's always good to hear," 

"You mean the prick you told me about earlier?" Daemon says smugly.

My face heats, not wanting to bring up what we talked about earlier in front of Lucien. 

"A-and we also learned about mates in Wolf Studies," I blurt out, trying to divert the conversation. 

What I don't expect is the uncomfortable silence that falls over the table. Daemon is looking down at his plate with a blank expression as Lucien looks from me to his son worriedly.

 "That's great, Ash." Lucien says, "I guess you're at that age now where you want to know more about things of that nature,"

"W-what do you guys know about mates?" I ask curiously, hoping I haven't overstepped. I don't know why they're acting like this. Did I say something wrong?

Lucien looks hesitant, glancing at Daemon who doesn't look happy. "Well, mates-"

"Mates are a complete sham," Daemon interjects, scowling. "A stupid waste of time to spend dreaming about,"

I feel a breaking feeling inside me as soon as the words leave his mouth, like I was hoping that he would say anything but that.

"Daemon," Lucien has a warning in his voice as he addresses his son. 

"What? It's not a lie," Daemon continues, unflinching under his father's stern glare. "But I guess an omega who spends most of his time with his head in the clouds wouldn't understand,"

Annoyance flares up in me at that. Who is he to make that claim about me? "That's n-not true. Everyone wants a mate! I'm not weird for it!" I grip the table, feeling my throat grow hot and tight in response to the conflict.

"You think a mate is gonna solve all your little problems just like that?" Daemon sneers.

"Y-You're probably just bitter because your mate rejected you! I bet they're sick of your terrible attitude!"

That strikes a nerve in Daemon and he stands, leaning menacingly over the table at me. "Oh yeah? Well don't be disappointed when it turns out any alpha that shows interest in you just wants to fuck,"

"That's quite enough!" Lucien stands up as well, slamming the table as he goes head to head with his son. 

My eyes go wide because that's the first time I've ever seen him raise his voice like that. And as I process what Daemon just said I'm...speechless.  

Daemon glares at both of us. "This is so stupid," he mutters, slamming his chair back as he leaves the table, walking out of the room. 

"Daemon Steele..!" Lucien yells angrily. "Get your ass back here!"

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