Part 39

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So yeah. This is where it gets messy

"Ok so show me the whole look," Lylah says from the bed, her hand stuffed in a bag of pretzels.

We're in my room right now and I'm getting ready for my first date with Daemon, which I am absolutely off-the-walls excited for. I quickly change into the outfit I have in mind. Mid-waist, dark-wash bootcut jeans with converse, paired with a white bell sleeve top with cute tie lacing at the front.

Lylah squeals when she sees me, jumping off the bed and coming over to me. She pulls the moon necklace Daemon gifted to me out from under the top. "You look so cute," she says, "He's gonna love it. He'd probably love it even if you wore a trash bag,"

"Thanks," I grin, looking at myself in the mirror. My hair has grown out a bit, I should probably get it trimmed soon before it starts to look like a messy sheep mane.

"Wait, I forgot I have something to give you! You totally need to wear it on your date," she goes over to her bag, rifling through it before pulling out something white wrapped in the plastic.

"What is it?" I ask curiously, walking over to her.

"So I ordered some lingerie and they accidentally sent me these—which don't get me wrong are absolutely gorgeous—but they're just not my style. And they're size extra small so I think they'd fit you," she pulls the small piece of fabric from the bag.

I'm confused on what I'm looking at and have no idea why Lylah is telling me about her laundry orders. I give her a questioning look. "What is it?" I ask.

"Girl. Panties! Cute, lacy panties that Daemon is literally gonna go crazy for if you wear them to your date!" she holds them up, revealing the white lacy underwear.

My face goes red in realization of what they are. And what they're for. "Lylah! I-I can't wear that!"

"I haven't tried them on so they're clean, if that's what you're worried about,"

"That's not it! I'd be too embarrassed if he saw me in those!"

"Why?? He'd totally be into it,"

I imagine it for a second, how he'd react when he pulls off my clothes and finds me in the underwear. How he'd rip them off with his teeth and call me a slu—

"Hello? Earth to Ash? Are you gonna put them on?"

"I think I'll save them for another day." I say, embarrassed from losing myself in my fantasy.

Lylah sighs. "Suit yourself. Now, eyeliner?" She asks, raising an eyebrow as she pulls the black pen from her bag.

"Uh..." I have bad memories of the first time I wore it, with Henry and all that. But today's a happy day. I want to have a good memory associated with it now. I check the clock before I look back at her. "Yes!"

Soon I'm all ready to go, seeing Lylah off and waiting on the porch steps with my bag for Daemon to come. He said he was picking me up at five. I check my phone and see that it's 4:55. Great! I'm right on time.

I sit there patiently waiting for him. I check my phone again and it's 5:10. Daemon usually isn't late... I check for any texts from him but there's none.

I wait out there for over an hour. I just stare at the road, anticipating his car coming around the bend any minute but it never happens. I'm so concentrated on willing his arrival that I don't realize I'm shivering. The temperature has gone down with the sun in the sky and my teeth chatter. I check my phone and my heart sinks when I see it's 6:25 and there is not a single message from him.

With a sad sigh, I get up and go inside. Inevitably I start to tear up, ruining the makeup Lylah did for me. I stare at our messages on my phone, which is just me texting "where are you?" Three times in a row. Did he forget? Did I take this too seriously and make myself look stupid for getting all excited?

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