Part 19

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I found a perfect picture for how Lylah looks ^^ Though I imagined her hair a bit more frizzy.

I have realized that I am not suited for social situations whatsoever. In hindsight, this is something I should've learned earlier on, but at this moment it's become clearer than ever. 

The moment, in particular, I'm talking about is how on Friday at lunch, the peaceful cafeteria table that once belonged to 'The Triplets' aka Lylah, Wren, and I, has suddenly been surrounded by a colony of football jocks, courtesy of Jay. 

Jay's seated next to me with his arm around my shoulders, telling me all the latest news about him and the team. I'm in a sandwich between him and his friend Yvonne, a female alpha with russet brown skin, her hair styled in cornrows that stream down her back. She keeps cracking purposely stupid jokes in an attempt to make Lylah laugh. It's been unsuccessful so far, but she is relentless. I don't miss the little smile Lylah's trying to hide.   

"You'll go to my game tonight, won't you?" Jay asks me, flashing me a charming smile. 

"O-Oh, uh--" I start to stutter, losing the ability to speak as everyone's eyes watch me expectantly. 

I look to Lylah for help and she nods at me excitedly, encouraging me to reply. "S-sure. Can't wait," I finally manage to get out. A chorus of whoops and hollers resound around me and everyone looks excited. Except for Wren, of course. He blows his long hair out of his face disinterestedly. But other than that, he's been acting normal so I try not to think anything of it.

After lunch, we're walking through the halls and Lylah is nearly bouncing off the walls. "Isn't this so amazing? We were personally invited to the game!" she exclaims, latching onto my arm and pulling on it. 

"Yeah, but anyone can go. You don't need an invite," Wren huffs. 

"Oh, stop being such a negative nancy. You better come tonight hoe!"

"Um, well..." Wren looks conflicted, avoiding eye contact with us. 

"Come on!" Lylah insists. "The Triplets have been in a funk all week! We need something to lighten up!"

 We both give Wren pleading looks and he eventually gives in, a smile breaking out on this face. A smile that fills me with relief because I haven't seen it in a while. "Ugh, fine. But I know y'all just wanna go for the players, not the game,"

"Hehe, you caught me," Lylah sticks out her tongue and winks teasingly. 

Wren rolls his eyes in mock annoyance. "You're shameless," he says and we all laugh.


We're at Lylah's after school getting ready to go to the game when it crosses my mind that I haven't seen Daemon for a few days. He's been busy with his pack work and Lucien's been the one driving me. It's weird, but I feel like  I miss him. No, I just miss arguing with him. That's it. I miss blowing off steam as he gets all pissed off, his voice deepening to that angry rumble as he gives me that devouring look of his. I am thinking these things again!

I pull out my phone to text Lucien that I'm going to the football game tonight. He just tells me to be safe and to get back home before 11. He's so nice. It's almost strange to me how nice he is. The fact that fathers like him exist is crazy to me. I've tried with all my might to remember my real father, but my memory of the past is so hazy days. I still remember the horrible pain and things I endured, but things like how people or places looked back in Dark Moon are so hard to recall. Sometimes it feels like my brain is shutting down, like it's trying its best to block the memories of that place out.

My father is even harder to remember than my mother. He was actually the Head Alpha of Dark Moon when I was younger. I don't even remember his name. He abandoned the pack when I was 6, and that's when his brother, Alpha Ferix, took me and my mother in. He also stepped up to take the place of Head Alpha in my father's absence. I don't feel much for my father. Contempt, maybe. For being a coward and running from his mistakes. Alpha Ferix always told us that the reason my father left was because he didn't have the courage as Head Alpha to go forward with a crucial attack, so Alpha Ferix had to step up and do it himself. After that, my father was shunned and abandoned us out of shame.

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