Part 29

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Guys since there was some comments on this. When ash holds his breath it is a self harm mechanism. Not safe to do IRL! Stay safe y'all I care about u <3


SEXUAL CONTENT - We made it hoes :)))))))))))

I texted Jay I wanted to talk earlier so we meet out at the field after school . From the looks of it, he's getting ready for the game later. He's dressed in his game uniform, the new one since he gave me his old one.

He waves when he sees me, a smile coming to his face. I smile back, feeling guilty that he looks so happy when this is going to end with me rejecting him.

"Ash!" he says as I approach. "What did you want to talk about?" he asks eagerly.

"Hey, Uh- I just wanted to--"

"You look like you're doing well, huh? While my brother is still fucking blacked out in a coma," Trent's voice infiltrates the air.

I turn to see the alpha approaching us, eyes bright with anger. He gives Jay a once-over. "This your new boy toy, Ash?"

"Why the hell are you here?" Jay crosses his arms in annoyance.

"Because this little runt needs to fucking hear it after he knocked out my fucking teeth. You happy now? Putting both me and my brother in the hospital?!" he shouts, advancing towards me, pointing a crooked finger at me. I flinch back in fear, hiding behind Jay who moves in front of me, using his body as a shield against Trent.

"What the hell did you call him?" Jay growls.

"I called him a runt. Because that's what he is. Wish that damned sandbag would have crushed him,"

"W-what?" I question, peeking out from behind Jay's shoulder. Is he talking about that time in theater when Jay saved me from the one that fell from the ceiling?

"Yeah, you remember it right? That was a little gift from me to you. For thinking you're better than me. Fuck, I'm an alpha. We own you pathetic omegas,"

"You were the one who did that?!" I ask, shocked. I mean, I knew Trent was crazy, but not homicidal.

"Yeah. You deserved it. Too bad this fucker pushed you out of the way,"

Jay growls, fists clenching. He moves aggressively at Trent and Trent responds, nearly forehead to forehead with Jay as he bares his canines and puffs out his chest.

"Jay, no!" I try to break it up, but it's like they're not listening.  "If you do this, you'll be suspended. He's not worth it!"

"That's right," Trent sneers, "Listen to your bitch. You're probably just a fling to him anyway,"

"Trent, we're not--Jay is my friend!"

"Friend. Sure." Trent flares his nostril in irritation.

We've already garnered some attention from the other guys on the team, who peer over at us curiously. The coach notices, walking over. "Everything okay here boys? Sounded a bit tense," he says.

"It was nothing, Mr. Reed," Jay seems to regain his composure, sucking in a deep breath.

"That right?" Mr. Reed turns his attention to Trent, a displeased expression on his face.

"Yeah yeah. I'm going," Trent huffs, stuffing his hands in his pockets, giving me one last withering look before he walks off.

"Warm-ups in 10, Jay," The coach tells him, giving me a little nod of acknowledgment. Then he leaves us to ourselves.

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