Part 26

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Extra long chapter that I am sooo excited for! You'll see why 

The next day, I've barely woken up despite it being early noon, drinking some tea in the kitchen when I hear the doorbell ringing multiple times in a row. 

"Can you get that for me, bud?" Lucien calls from his study.

"Yeah," I say back, heading to open the door. I open it to find three people standing at the door. Lylah, who looks nervous, Daemon, who I'm happy to see, and Theo...who I'm not so happy to see.

"Sorry about that. This dipshit can't wait two seconds, apparently," Daemon glares at his brother who scoffs.

"Hello, Ash. We're here to see Lucien," Theo says, pushing past me. His newfound courteousness surprises me. Especially after last time when he referred to me as a rodent.

Daemon bows his head to Lylah and I before following after him. So I turn to her awkwardly. I don't know what to say after last time. "Wanna go to my room?" I ask and she nods.

"Sorry about showing up like this. I probably should have texted," she says when we reach my room.

"It's okay! I also feel bad about leaving yesterday,"

"No, you had the right to. What Wren said was way out of line,"

"Did you talk to him?" I ask, sitting at my desk.

Lylah sighs, a grim look on her face. "I tried to tell him to apologize to you but he didn't want to hear it. So he left and we haven't communicated at all since then,"

A wave of guilt washes over me. "Shoot. I feel so bad. I don't want this to come between you two,"

"Ash, it's not your fault!" Lylah stands up, coming over to me "Yeah, you were kind of oblivious about Jay but Wren's the one who kept the fact that he liked him a secret!"

I look down, avoiding eye contact. "B-But he had a right to get mad. I mean, he's liked Jay for so long,"

"That's not an excuse for how he targeted you! I just don't think it was fair how you like, didn't even want to start a conflict but he kept going. I don't like seeing that." 

I don't know how to feel about this. "Well...thanks for supporting me, Lylah. But don't worry about me. I'll understand if you guys don't want me in your group anymore," I say somberly. It sucks feeling like you're coming in between two people who've been best friends for years.

"Ash, no! How many times do I have to tell you you did nothing wrong."

"It's just hard to believe this isn't my fault,"

Lylah shakes her head, hugging me. "Awe, cutie you blame yourself too much. Come on. Let's get your mind off it. You wanna binge-watch Glee or something?"

"Y-yeah," I nod, hugging her back. So she gets her computer out of her bag and pulls up the show. We watch for a while but then we get hungry so we go down to the kitchen for snacks.

"Lucien hides the M&Ms in that cupboard over there," I point, dragging a chair over so we can reach it.

"Ooh!" Lylah gladly jumps up on it, pulling out the box.

We grab some bags of the candy then go to the fridge when we're interrupted by Theo walking into the kitchen. "Er, hello," he says, being weird as usual. Today he wears dark sunglasses. I don't understand why he keeps them on inside.

"Hi?" Lylah looks at him expectantly. She's not a fan of him since I told her how he acted last time.

"I don't suppose you two know what's happening tonight, do you?"

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