Part 27

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"Ash? Ash, where are you?" I hear Lylah calling from far off.

It breaks me out of my lust-filled daze, back to reality.

"I should g-go see what she wants," I say shakily, still feeling hot from the kiss we shared.

Daemon doesn't speak, just looks at me like he wants more. I'm kind of screaming on the inside, reeling over what just happened. We just freaking kissed--no, made out! What happens now?

"Ash?!" Lylah's voice sounds urgent, pulling me from my thoughts.

"S-see you later," I say awkwardly, ready to use Lylah as my escape.

Daemon looks disappointed. "Wait," he stops me, then pulls off his jacket and puts it around my shoulders.

"Oh! T-Thanks," I smile at him, grateful he remembered I was cold earlier.

"See you," he says, reluctantly letting me go. I don't want to leave him, I really don't. But Lylah is yelling loudly and quite frankly I'm really flustered being in front of him right now.

I turn and quickly walk out of the trees, searching for the redhead who's still yelling my name. "Omg Ash there you are!" she screams, jumping on my back.

"What happened?!" I ask worriedly, thinking something's wrong as I turn to face her.

"You won't believe it. I-I found my mate! Yvonne, she--she just looked at me and it happened. I can't even, like, think right now!" She squeals, jumping up and down, her hands on my shoulders.

"Yvonne?!" I exclaim, my eyes widening.

"Yes! Like my wolf has been so quiet lately but suddenly it awakened and told me! I guess it was waiting for the right time but oh my god I'm just so happy!"

"This is amazing!" I celebrate with her.

"And what have you been up to?" she pulls back to ask me, the beaming smile on her face never leaving.

"Oh...uh, j-just with Daemon," I'm too embarrassed to admit we just sucked face in the forest.

"I see you're wearing his jacket," she giggles, fondling the collar as she adjusts it on me.

"Yeah," I flush, smiling to myself.

"I'm bummed because Yvonne had to leave but we're gonna facetime the second I get back home. Ah, I'm so excited!"


Theo drives us home, dropping Lylah off on the way. While I am happy for Lylah, all I can think about is the kiss with Daemon. My first kiss. And it was amazing. More than I could ever ask for. I know I don't have any prior experience to go off, but he was freaking good.

The thing is, I don't know what he thinks about it. What if it was just an in-the-moment thing for him? Was I too inexperienced for his liking? I want to know all these things, at the same time I don't. I'm freaking out!

I want to tell someone, but I know Lylah is only focused on her new mate right now. And Wren, well we all know how things are with him. I don't have many friends so that only leaves Jay. But if Jay does like me, that would be insensitive. I think about Lucien, but I don't really want to talk about how I kissed his own son with him.

I look over at Theo. He's been..nicer lately, if you can call it that.



"Um, I don't really know how to say this b-but Daemon kissed me,"

"He did," Theo doesn't sound surprised.

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