Part 41

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The two large alphas guide me through the forest near my father's house, my hands shackled together behind my back as they roughly push me onwards. Theo walks in front of us, leading us to the edge of the road. When he turns around, the alphas shove me on my knees and my heart races in fear and anger. But I don't fight back. Not with the gun Theo grips tightly in his hands.

Most packs have outlawed guns because of their lethal force that even a werewolf's superior healing cannot win against. They are far more fatal to omegas, who don't have the body mass to block a bullet from hitting a vital organ. I swallow down my anxiety, looking up at him.

Theo glares down at me before grabbing my face with one rough hand. "Don't you dare say anything off script. You will reject him properly. You will say you are leaving on a long-term mission. I'll be listening the entire time, a barrel of silver bullets pointed at your mate's head. Any funny business and I shoot. Do you understand?!"

My whole body tenses in rage at his words and I clench my jaw, growling lowly at him. If I could kill him for even pointing a pistol at Ash, I would.

One glance at my reaction and Theo pulls his hand back to slap me across the face. "I said, do you understand?!" he shouts.

I don't wince despite the sting in my cheek, I simply turn my head back forward. "I understand," I say through gritted teeth.


"I don't love you, Ash."

That will be the last thing he will ever hear me say to him. The last before I die. As I walk away from him, it takes every ounce of will in me not to run back and take my mate into my arms, comfort him, and soothe his cries. My heart breaks at what I've done. How I've been forced to ruin the only thing that brings light to my dark world. The only thing that made me happy.

I am so sorry.

I get back to where Theo is waiting, relieved that the gun he holds is now off my mate and instead pointed at me. I walk forward confidently; if I show any sign that I'm going to run, my mate could suffer the consequence.

When I get within range the same two alphas roughly chain my arms back up and shove a burlap sack over my head to obstruct my senses. They lead me deeper into the woods, which I can tell because the light overhead is becoming dimmer, obstructed by trees. I can hear my own anxious breaths, coming out in soft huffs as I start to sweat.

I hear three pairs of footsteps around me, one I know being Tristan, because, you know, Theo's sick fantasy of my (ex)best friend shooting me through the head. Can I take them all? It probably wouldn't be possible, with three against one. But I still find myself imagining me taking all of them out and making a run for it, getting to Ash, and escaping with him. It's easier said than done.

I've accepted my fate. I did a long time ago. I always thought I'd die young. Maybe in a bar fight or wrecking my car in a ditch because I didn't give a flying fuck about what happened to me. Acting recklessly on purpose was my way of coping with my self-hate. To try and alleviate the guilt of Rose's death by threatening my own self with death.

The only thing is...I thought it was different this time. That I finally had a chance.

I hope that when this is all over and done with, Ash never finds out the truth of what happened to me. He can hate me his whole life. It's better than him knowing I died for him. He would tear himself apart with guilt. He would be in pain for the rest of his life. I don't want that. I can suffer, that's fine. I don't care what happens to me. I never have. But he is worth everything.

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