Side Chapter: Wren

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Some of you were asking for this, while some of you hate Wren. So warning, heed the title! If u don't like him you can skip this, it's not part of the main story.

Also:            **SEXUAL CONTENT**

Who is that man?

As I walk to where my friends are, I spot a tall, muscled alpha dressed in a casual shirt and jeans who towers over all of us. I've never seen him before. He's got wavy, shaggy auburn hair that goes to his shoulders, not particularly styled in any way. It's not quite as red as Lylah's, and his freckles are fainter than hers but darker than Ash's.

As I get closer to him, my heart starts to beat faster, a strange feeling overcoming me. And then it's like the whole world stops as we lock eyes.

Oh god.

"Mate." He growls as he takes me in, canines flashing.

I know it immediately. That he's the one. My other half. My alpha. But for some reason, it's too much. After chasing after guys that didn't give a fuck about me for years in hopes that one of them would be my mate—I thought I'd be happy.

But I'm not. I'm...scared. Scared of something new. Scared of breaking the cycle of the way I've been living. And most of all, scared that he'll see an omega like me as unsatisfactory.

"N-no. That can't be—" I stutter, but my wolf wants nothing more than to lie down on my back, exposing my belly as an invitation for him to claim me. I have to resist it.

I can't do this, not with my friends watching. So I turn and sprint for the woods, shifting into my small black wolf. I hear a low growl behind me, and I know he's coming after me. Fuck.

I'll never be able to outrun an alpha, so I have to find a way to slip from his view. I tear through the trees, hyperventilating. I make various twists and turns through the brush, hoping to get him off my trail. But he's too fast, and I realize the scent of my heat is trailing behind me, a perfect path for him to follow even if he does lose me for a few seconds.

Tears build in my eyes as I panic. What have I gotten myself into?! I try to increase my speed, running aimlessly forward when a deathly roar stops me in my tracks. I skid to an abrupt stop, the fear in my bones.

Only then do I realize I'm basically teetering off the edge of a cliff. My stomach drops. In seconds I feel a jaw close around the scruff of my neck, roughly hauling me back away from the edge. I whine and squirm as he transports me a good 30 feet away from the edge, then finally plops me down.

He glares down at me, his lycan eyes flashing nearly white and I whimper. I can almost hear him telling me how stupid I am.

It's like I have no control, my body distressed, and I start to shift back to my human form against my will, mortified as I reveal my naked self to him, curled up on the ground.

He shifts too, the bones snapping into place to reveal the giant alpha that looms over me.

"You hate the thought of me as your mate so much that you would rather die?" He asks coldly. His voice is deep and rough, and I can't deny that I'm immediately attracted to it.

I sniffle, shaking my head. "I didn't—I didn't m-mean to,"

"Then why did you run from me?"

"I don't know," I confess.

"I could have lost you just now. I could've lost you minutes after finding you," he growls.

I understand his anger. I can't imagine how horrible it would be if I drove someone—drove my mate—to fall to their death. "I'm sorry,"

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