Part 18

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Thanks for 1.5k reads! And let me tell you I have got so much planned for this story I can't wait! (Also this guy is kind of how I imagine Daemon so I thought I'd put this pic :)

If there's one thing I notice when I see Daemon and his brother, Theo, standing next to each other, it's that they look nothing alike. While Theo is paper-white pale, Daemon's skin tone is darker, tan and sun-kissed, with a golden warmth to it. Theo's blonde hair is slicked back with gel, a stark contrast to Daemons, which is dark and kind of shaggy and honestly he's in need of a haircut but somehow the rolled-out-of-bed style suits him. And while Theo is freshly clean-shaven, Daemon's stubble forms a five o'clock shadow on his jaw. They both have dark eyes like Lucien, but they just don't look like brothers at all.

As I stand in the entryway with the three insanely tall alphas, it's a bit intimidating. Especially with Theo inspecting me like I'm a cell sample under a microscope. I just keep my head down like Daemon told me to because yeah, this dude is intense.

"So this is the omega you took in from Blood Creek?" Theo asks skeptically.

"Yes! This is Ash," Lucien places his hands on my shoulders, "And Ash, this is my son Theo,"

"N-nice to meet you," I stutter out meekly.

"I just find it kind of strange," he ignores me. "What use does he have? Why take in an orphan all of the sudden?"

I'm a bit put off by the way he says it, noting the disapproval in his tone. But it's not surprising with the way he's looking at me like I'm a bug. I see Daemon's jaw twitch as eyes his brother with disdain.

Lucien sighs as if he expected this. "Theo, do I really have to explain my choices right now? It's a sensitive topic for Ash and I really don't think--"

"He's telling you to fuck off, Theo. And I second that," Daemon interjects, a smug look on his face as his brother glares at him.

"I don't believe I was talking to you, dunce," Theo huffs. "But I suppose imbeciles like yourself don't understand what a tête-à-tête is,"

"Shut the fuck up. Stop talking like you think you're Harry Potter,"

I'm mortified when I let out a small snicker at Daemon's comment, quickly trying to cover it up with a cough as I restrain the smile that threatens to surface on my lips. But as I look up at both of them, at Theo who's scowling as his face reddens, and at Daemon who wears a shit-eating grin, looking proud that he's amused me, I know my 'cough' isn't believed. 

I feel Lucien's grip on my shoulders tighten ever so slightly. "Boys, behave," his voice filled with warning toward his sons. "You're both adults, so act like it,"

Daemon wasn't exaggerating when he said he and his brother don't get along.

After a painfully long dinner, while Daemon and his brother go back and forth as Lucien looks like he's about to lose his shit, I'm finally able to escape to the living room as they go to the study for their pack business, whatever it is. Apparently, they need to aid the Blood Creek Pack, which is having some conflict with a rival pack. But that's about all I hear before they are off, leaving me to my own devices.

As I sit down on the sofa, I try to recall what we ate but I can't remember whatsoever. Probably because all I've been doing is replaying the moment I had with Daemon in my room earlier. If Lucien hadn't interrupted us, what would have happened? And do I wish something  had happened? Does Daemon? I just don't know. I have no idea what he's thinking or how I should act around him now. I mean we're still not on the best terms. But it's all so confusing. Ugh. I should talk to my friends about this.

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