Part 11

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Warning: abuse, disturbing elements (if you want to skip you can, I'll put a "Skip to here" marker where it ends)

The room is dark. So dark it's suffocating. I'm lying on the cold cement floor, weakly breathing and stomach growling. I've been locked down here in the basement for more than a day, only given a bottle of water so I won't die. 

I move slightly, the chain around my ankle clinking as I do so. I regret it immediately, the movement sending a jolt of pain through my bladder. I have to pee so badly. But Alpha Ferix hasn't come down in hours to let me out to use the restroom. So I desperately try to wait it out.

I sob weakly, tears streaming down my face, leaving trails through the dirt on my cheeks. A small puddle has formed on the cement under where my cheek meets the ground. This is all my fault. If only I'd taken a different route to the market I wouldn't have to suffer through this. On the way there three guys had jumped me and stole the money Alpha Ferix had given me to buy groceries. So I returned to my stepfather empty-handed and moneyless.

And this is the consequence. I can only cry a bit more before I cough, my throat dry and strained from how much I've cried already. My eyes flutter closed and I swallow, trying to resist the urge to drink more. Because if I drink more the need to pee will only get worse.

Thirty minutes later I can't take anymore. I'm so thirsty. I struggle to sit up, getting on my elbows to crawl over to where the water bottle sits. Just a sip. One little sip. But a wave dizziness hits me as I try to rise from the ground. I bend one of my knees to catch myself but that's a big mistake. The movement puts pressure on my stomach and by then it's all over.

Warm liquid starts streaming down my legs without any warning. The dam breaks, there's no way to stop it and my eyes start to water out of the relief I feel. But as soon as it's over I start to panic over what I've done. I've wet himself and made a mess. I can't see the mess but I can smell it and I know Alpha Ferix will too.

I rub my hands over my face, hyperventilating as I try to think about what I can do. I feel so gross and uncomfortable from the wetness. But the room is barren. There's no way to clean it up. And it's freezing cold, evident from my numbed hands and feet, so there's no hope of it evaporating.

Just then I hear the heavy footsteps of my stepfather approaching the door, keys jangling as he twists the lock. There's no time left. I curl into myself fearfully.

The door cracks open and artificial orange light streams in, revealing me huddled in the corner, pants wet. Alpha Ferix's nose crinkles as the smell of the pee reaches him, glaring down at me.

"You disgusting mutt. You pissed yourself?" he snarls, pulling out a knife.

My lip trembles and I cry at the sight of the blade, shaking my head as he comes closer. It's the sharpest blade this time, not the regular one, and I recoil, remembering how it cuts into my skin and makes me bleed everywhere.

But I'm spared no mercy as he kicks me to the ground, sending me crashing into the wall.  I scream out in pain, shielding my face with my hands from the assault. He kicks me a few more times before he pins me so I'm crushed up against the ground, face and stomach to the cement. I struggle and cry as the blade pierces my skin, carving into my back. Fiery agony envelops me as slice after slice comes down on me, leaving my body bloody and cut. He laughs cruelly, slicing over the same spot and leaving me shaking in agony at the torture.

"I'm painting a picture, runt," he grunts, "Maybe you could recreate it on paper some day,"

As scream after scream rings out I realize there's no one coming to save me. He's in total control here, with the advantage of being an adult and an alpha. And he'll hurt me until he's satisfied. And he does, cutting and beating me until I pass out. I thought that day was the worst of my life but Alpha Ferix made sure there would be many more days like this.

SKIP TO HERE -summary: Ash had a flashback of his past abuse from Alpha Ferix.

I wake up screaming and sobbing, jolting out of my slumber. I gasp for breath which eventually turns into another sob as I peer into the dark. I can't see anything! I'm--I'm back in that horrible basement and Alpha Ferix is going to kill me!

"No! No!" I scream, struggling in the heavy blankets that hold me down.

Suddenly the door bursts open and someone comes rushing in. "Ash! What's wrong? What's wrong? I'm here!"

But all I can see is the silhouette of an alpha in the doorway, menacing and coming to hurt me.

"Help! Help!" I cry, scrambling to other side of the bed.

Then the light clicks on and then he's gripping my shoulders, holding me down. "Ash. Tell me what's wrong!"

I look up at the man, cheeks wet from tears as I hiccup. No...this isn't the alpha that hurts me, I realize. This is...Lucien. Not Alpha Ferix. Once he sees that I'm calming down, realizing it's him, he lets go, sitting on the side of the bed as I sit up, sniffling and wiping my face.

"I-I'm sorry. I-I-" I try to speak but my throat chokes up and I let out a sob.

"Hey, hey. There's no need to be sorry, okay? Everything's okay," Lucien tries to comfort me.

I only cry more at that because no, not everything is okay. In fact, nothing is okay!

"Shit," Lucien seems to realize he's only added fuel to the flame. "Do you--Do you need a hug? Would that be alright?"

I can only shake my head. I don't want anyone touching me right now. It's okay usually, when I've locked these memories deep inside my brain but right now it's too scary, especially because he's an alpha. But he doesn't ask any questions which is for the better because I don't feel like talking at all. So he can't really do anything but be there for me. I feel guilty as I peak at the sorrowful look on his face, knowing I'm making it difficult for him.

I just want to close my eyes, hide myself from the world, and try to forget the horrible nightmare. But it wasn't just a was a flashback. I'd only been 13 at the time. And 4 years later my back still burns from the ghost of the injuries my stepfather inflicted, a painful reminder that my scars will always stay with me, even though my wounds have healed.

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