Part 49

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Presenting...Ash getting dicked down again. Your wish is my command! 👏


After the fall of Theo, there were a few things that happened.

The first is that the next day I woke up to the doorbell ringing incessantly. I decide to go get it so Lucien doesn't have to, considering he got back to the house in the early morning and collapsed right into bed.

I open the door to see my three friends standing there, Lylah, Wren, and Jay. I'm prepared to go into a whole explanation about why I never told them about being from Dark Moon when all three of them crush me in a hug.

"You don't have to explain anything."

"You're our best friend,"

"We love you."

I hug them back as tight as I can, so grateful for their words. "Thank you guys," I tear up, "You all mean the world to me,"

The second thing that happened was that after Daemon, Tristan, and Lucien all hassled the council, it was decided I could stay in the pack as long as I got my Dark Moon mark removed and replaced with a Shadow Pack one. I gladly cooperated. Good riddance!

And the third thing...well it's happening tonight. Right now I'm getting ready for Daemon to pick me up. We're doing a kind of...redo, I guess, of our failed first date. I've decided, though, that I'm going to count our first date as the time we snuck off to the lake together, right after we kissed for the first time. That's one of the best memories in my life.

But anyways, I decide I'm going to have to do it up tonight, appearance wise. I want to look nice for him. And while Lylah says he'd love me even in a trash bag, I want to go above and beyond. I shower and use all kinds of soaps and shampoos so I smell good. I brush my hair and blow dry it so it fluffs up. I also apply some light makeup, just a hint of blush and highlighter, nothing more because I don't want to conceal the freckles Daemon loves so much.

Lastly, I apply some chapstick and white eyeliner to go with my all white outfit. I was originally going to wear the outfit for prom, but since that never happened I decide there's no better time to wear it than now. As I'm pulling the clothes out of the dresser I spot the lacy underwear Lylah had given to me before everything went to shit. My stomach twists in excitement. I pull off my clothes and slip the panties on, walking over to the mirror to see how I look. The underwear barely conceals anything with it's see through material, but it compliments my figure and accentuates the dip of my waist and curve of my hips and butt. I squeal, dancing around like an idiot because for once in my life I feel totally confident in my looks and I can't wait for him to see me. It's rare, and it's probably temporary, but I'm too happy to care.

I pull on the rest of the outfit.
The shirt:

 The shirt:

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