Part 40

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I wake up on cold, hard floor once again, my back against a hard cement wall. I look down to see my shirt and pants are in tatters, barely hanging onto me and the memory of what happened comes flooding back. How Theo threatened my mate and I lost control.

I curse under my breath, grunting as I pull my aching body up from the floor. Theo's so weak. He tranquilizes me so I can't fight back despite the whole army of alphas at his command.

Where am I? I'm not in the same place as before and it's dark, the only light a small wall lamp across the room. And there's bars. Cell bars. I'm in the pack prison.

It smells like shit, the room dank and mossy. I walk to the bars and go to test if I'd be able to break through them. I hiss in pain as they singe the skin on my hands, realizing they must be infused with silver. God fucking dammit. How am I going to get out of here?

I try kicking the bars with my shoe to avoid contact but they don't budge. They must be cemented into the ground. I groan and brace my forearms against the wall in frustration. I need to get out. I need to go to my mate. That's all I care about. I'm not even religious, but I find myself praying to the Moon Goddess that he's safe.

"It's no use. There's no getting out of here," a voice says from the cell next to mine. I don't startle, though I feel my hair raising as I spot a slumped figure in the corner of the small space. I can't make out any features, only able to identify them as male and an alpha.

I ignore him. There's no time to bond with some miserable prison fuck over the fact that there's no way out of here except a key.

"Hey, you," the man says.

My temper is fraying thin and the last thing I need is him trying to talk to me. I don't say anything.

"Hey, you! Steele!" he growls.

I whip around to face him, the veins in my neck feeling like they're going to pop. "God, what fucking is it?!"

"To think you'd be in here too after doing this to me. Funny how things work out,"

I go closer to the bars separating our cells, not understanding what he's saying. Do I know this guy? I squint, peering through the darkness. Usually, I'd be able to see better but my vision's still blurry from the tranquilizer.

He shuffles into the light and it's like ice has formed in my stomach. "Henry?!" I growl.

"You don't have to be so mad all the time. Doesn't it get tiring?" he says, face completely disfigured as a result of me beating him. One of his eyes is permanently shut, his nose is painfully crooked, and most of his teeth are bashed out. The damage I've done invigorates me. He deserved it all.

"You want me to fuck you up again, that it?" I glare at him, gritting my teeth.

"Don't be like that. You only have me now,"

"If that was true I'd kill myself," I spit back.

The alpha is silent for awhile, but I can feel his beady eyes watching me. He's so damn creepy. I can only imagine the terror Ash felt when this lunatic abducted him. It makes my heart clench in anger even now, the thought of my small mate crying for help all alone in the back of this bastards car. My stomach still sickens at the thought of this man abusing my shortcake, taking him away from me.

"You know...if you hadn't stopped me back then I would've fucked your little omega. Fucked him so good,"

I clench my jaw in rage, going over to the bars connecting our cells and grabbing them without thinking. I drop them quickly as it starts to burn, cursing under my breath as I look back up at him.

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