Part 36

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scene from last chapter illustrated by InotXias Literally so cute!!

Hello lovelies! Thank you for waiting and I wish you all a happy Passover, Ramadan, Easter, or whatever you may be celebrating! <3


In the days that follow my reveal of everything, Daemon is very gentle with me. He seems worried about even touching me sometimes. He probably doesn't want to scare me again, especially after knowing what happened to me. While I appreciate his concern it's really not necessary. I trust him with everything I have. And I sealed that trust in telling him my truth.

The past still haunts me. I still get nightmares and horrible flashbacks. I still get anxious and sad and mad and all those negative feelings that have been pent up inside me for so long. But I also feel a bit lighter. I feel like a weight has come off my chest. It was really nerve wracking, confessing my past to him. Because I was afraid of judgment. Afraid of it being real.

But all that mattered to Daemon was that I'd been hurt. That's it. He didn't think of me as disgusting or dirty or bad—all the things I thought of myself because of what happened to me. He cared that I had been harmed, and wanted revenge for my sake.

On the nights I wake up screaming, crying, or fighting for my life, he's there. He's there to wipe the tears away, to reassure me that it's only a nightmare, to hold and kiss me through my distress, and show me that he's there to protect me.

When I used to sleep alone, waking up from a night terror was worse than being in it. The gut-wrenching fear wouldn't fade for hours of insomnia, wheezing for air as I unsuccessfully tried to calm myself. It was misery. Time heals, but I think time spent with him heals the most.

So when he tells me he can't stay over for a few days I'm a bit disappointed. But he says he has to work late into the night and early morning, even. I don't complain, because he's done so much for me already.

As for Wren and Jay...that's a bit more complicated.

"Did you know Wren got fucking pregnant?!" Lylah screeches into the phone at me the day before spring break ends.

It didn't take long for the rumor mill at our school to get going. I guess someone must have heard our fight in the hallway.

"I mean..." I trail off, not wanting to add to the drama.

"He always does this—doesn't tell anyone anything until it's too late..!"

"So you didn't know about the baby?" I ask. "Was there a baby?"

Lylah sighs. "I don't think so. He never showed—his stomach, I mean,"

"Well I think Jay and him talked so there's that...Have you two talked, though?"

"No! He's been completely AWOL the entire break. I swear when I see him tomorrow he's getting it!"

I can't say I'm looking forward to getting off break.


I wake up boiling hot, feeling restless after dreaming about Daemon doing unspeakable things to me. I've been having a lot of steamy dreams like this lately, which is a nice break from my usual nightmares.

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