Should I play with him?

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I have been watching this ancient chinese drama for whole week.

"Damn. Why can't the female lead fall in love with the second lead male? I can't understand her logic. Geez! He's far more handsome, and a richer gentleman than male lead."

"Duhh. I still can't understand the story line. The male lead is so arrogant! He's also a bad guy. Totally undeserving to be a male lead at all. What DID she see in that guy??!

the antagonist- Well, she is not really bad. She only wanted the attention of the second lead male. I can feel her feelings for him are pure. It's too sad. Gosh, I hate this story! I hate this drama!!, I hate this story line!!!" I screamed at the tv screen, with both of my hands tightly hugging the cushion pillow.

'Then, do you wanna play a game with me?'

Huh?? 'I think I heard a "voice" in this room.


I look around me to find any source of voice that I heard.

'I'm not a person, I'm only a system that just wanna play a game with you. Are you interested?' The so-called 'system' explains.

"No. Why should I tho?" I look back at the screen.

Since I was a kid, I always heard a weird voice. Sometimes IT help me. Sometimes IT make my life even worse.

"What do I get if I agree to play with you??" I asked, uninterested with It offer.

'Of course, You will get a reward for each game you have completed.'
The 'system' say.

"Okayyy. I don't anything to do either. I'd rather want the reward as money. By the way, what is your name? What kind system are you? What kind of game do I have to play?" I asked the 'system'. My curiosity of the proposition is killing me inside. Can't blame me though, because 'it' just suddenly appeared without explanation.

*Why so many questions huh?* 🙄 'IT' annoyingly asked me.

"Of course, I need to know the details. One has to be on guard against scammers too, you know. I mean why should I trust you in the first place? What kind of game will I be playing, and what are the mechanics to this game? Lastly, who am I gonna play with? " I ask the 'system' more questions, just to annoy 'IT' more.

'Of course, of course... My name is Yeon. You can either call me Yeon or System. I can be trusted so you don't have to worry about it. Second, don't ask me why I choose you to be my master in this game. It's just that you caught my interest thus leading to my choice of you to be my master. This game is called "Save Him". The point of this game is to save the second heroes or the second male lead by making him happy. Are we clear?'

"Hmmm..It's okay though. Okay! Let's start this game.. Wait, what should I..."

She suddenly been punched. 

'Ops...I should give her a warning..Sorry master..'

-Edited by ChunelleCEspanol

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