Drivers license pt 2 :)

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Word Count: 2.4K
Warnings: swearing and I think that's it please let me know if I missed any.
A/n: sorry this took so long! I hope you like it!!


Steve walked out his house to check his mail, he looked down the street and could've sworn that he saw your car but, he shook his to get rid of the thought. Why would you be here? You broke up with him because of something he did. It was the biggest regret of his life but when you found him and your friend in the same bed, all hell broke loose. He could still remember the look on your face and the sob that broke out immediately.

With his now shaky hands he opened his mail box. It was the usual stuff, bills for his parents, letters from colleges that he would throw away. The last piece of mail was different, it didn't have his address on it, just his name and no return address, just your name at the top. Steve whipped his head so fast to look down the street that he could've given himself whiplash. That was your car and you just dropped this off.

Without hesitation he opened it. You hadn't spoken to him in 2 months, he understood why but, he would take what he could get at this point.

You were right, you both had given up on your relationship towards the end. Maybe if he tried harder then you would've stayed. Maybe if he didn't cheat on you then you would've stayed. He didn't even know why he did it, he still loved you and is still in love with you.

He had been thinking about you a lot too. You never left his mind. He found himself driving around aimlessly but he always ended up in front of your apartment complex. He found himself parked in his unofficial parking spot at the old mall parking lot, daydreaming and reminiscing of the days where you'd take breaks with, where he taught you how to drive. He always thought that would be a story to tell your future children and grandchildren because he was a bad teacher but you were a bad driver. He remembered the day you got your license, he drove your car there and you drove back as a legal driver. You were so proud of yourself and he was even prouder of you.

He didn't know when the party stopped talking about you but, he knows it was after they yelled at him for what he did, Max was the only one that didn't yell because "she was too disappointed to yell". That stung more than the yelling. In a way the kids picked him over you, except for Max. Max actually distanced herself from him completely. She always stuck up for you in a little sister way.

He didn't know that you tried to block out all the memories you made with him. Those same memories that had been keeping him sane for the last 2 months. That stung, he didn't expect to be as hurt as he was by that one sentence. What you didn't know was that he couldn't look at flowers, the quarry or Melvald's without thinking of you.

You were right, he fucked up big time. He never thought you were all alone, he couldn't believe that your horrible friends would even take your friend's side, you had Max but maybe you didn't want him to know. He assumed that when Max distanced herself from him that she hung out with you more. He was never sure but, when asked where Max was and the kids didn't answer it meant that she was with you. The kids were still by your side, kind of. He knew that if they had to 'pick' then they would choose him every time, this was so unfair to you. You were right about Dustin and he knew this. He tried to set a good example for Dustin especially since he was like an older brother to him. He only hoped that Dustin could learn from his own mistake and that he could see the damage that he had done.

Then he read probably the most important line in the whole letter, you still loved him. He didn't think you'd ever love him after what he did but, you do or did. He still loved you. His first instinct was to drop everything and go to your apartment. Then he kept reading, you were leaving, so when saw your car drive off that might've been the last time he would see you.

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