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A/n: sorry this is so late!!! I was hanging out w some friends and I just got home. I hope you guys like this one though!!! Okay so in s3 Steve is like 18/19 so reader is his age and Callahan is like a you get cop and to me he looks 23/24 idk how old he is but for the sake of the story he's that age

Steve had just broken up with you a month ago, he said he needed to clear his head. You walked out of his house, you were determined to not let your feelings show until you were in the comfort of your own bed. After about a week without you, Steve regretted breaking up with you.

You two had been cuddled up on your bed, your fingers were running through his hair as you talked about your day. During that time Steve had realized that he was getting too attached and it scared the shit out of him. That's what started the fight that caused him to break up with you.  The days after that he had spent ignoring you.  You hadn't talked to him in days, you refused to. He tried calling you after a week. Steve would call and you would have your dad or El answer. Which brings him to now, he was driving to your house with a dozen roses in his passenger seat.

"I know I fucked up but I'm sorry and I love you. And then I hand her the flowers and then we watch a movie." Steve had been practicing his speech the whole car ride to your house. He got out of his car and continued to practice his speech, with 3 sharp knocks on the door, he was prepared to be met with your face but he had to look down a few inches.

"You made her cry." Your sister glared at him while taking bites out of her eggo.

"Well where is she, El?" Your sister didn't want to tell Steve, you were so hurt when he broke up with you, she had been the one you would cry to. It made her mad that Steve was their now.

She didn't say anything instead she took a bite out of her eggo and avoided eye contact with him.

"Just tell me." He ran a hand through his hair, he was slightly frustrated.

"Mall. With Callahan." Steve groaned.

"Hop's not happy either." El shut the door in Steve's face.

He was upset, he knew this was because, he acted like he didn't care. He should've known by now that his shitty advice never worked. But here was, driving to the mall to find you and apologize.

He finally got to the mall and he looked around everywhere for you guys.

When he was about to give up, he heard your laugh. It sounded fake, he knew that Officer Phil Callahan wasn't that funny. He turned around and saw you guys at Scoops Ahoy, he walked up to Robin, who was at the counter. She gave him a cup of U.S.S Butterscotch and he pretended to look for a spot. He walked closer and closer to your table and turned to face you guys.

"Y/N, Phil? What are you guys doing here?" He pretended to be shocked and he grabbed the nearest chair and pulled it to the table.

"We're on a date, Steve. So, if you don't mind can you go eat your ice cream somewhere else?" Phil was clearly annoyed and you sat there and glared at him.

"Its okay, I'll just stay here." All 3 of you were just silently eating ice cream. It was painfully awkward, you could cut the tension with a knife. Eventually Phil got up.

"You know, I actually need to get to work. Chief needed me to do some... paperwork? Yeah... so bye." Phil left awkwardly.

"What the hell Steve?" You snapped at him but, also made sure to keep your voice down so, that you wouldn't have nosy strangers trying to get up in your business.

"What a guy can't enjoy some ice cream with 2 friends?" You scoffed at him.

"You know damn well that's not what you were doing. Why are you here?"

"I missed you." You got up to walk away but, Steve grabbed your arm.

"Back room now." Steve followed you to the back room, you waved to Robin and pushed the door open.

"You missed me?"

"Yeah I missed you, we haven't talked or hung out in a few days."

"Okay but, you know that was your choice right?" You gave Steve a pointed look.

"Yeah but, look I was scared. I really, really  like you Y/N but, I felt like things were getting too serious too fast. I just didn't want everything to be bullshit." Steve lowered his head, he felt bad like really bad for ignoring you. You lifted Steve's chin so that you could look at him.

"Steve, this is why we need to talk about this kind of stuff. I agree with you, we are getting pretty serious, and if you want to slow down then we can. But, that doesn't mean you can just ignore me."

"I don't want to slow down, I just needed time to figure out my feelings." You pulled him close.

"And what did you figure out?" You were whispering, the moment felt slightly intimate and you didn't want anything to ruin it.

"That I love you." That was all he needed to say before you pulled on the collar of his shirt and pulled him into a deep kiss. After about a minute of kissing, Steve pulled away.

"So does that mean you love me too?" You laughed at his question.

"Yes, I love you too." He gave you another kiss.

"I just have one question though." You looked at Steve with a confused expression, he took this as his cue to just ask his question.

"Why Callahan?" Steve seemed genuinely confused as to why you would even want to go on a date with Officer Phil Callahan.

"Ugh, I don't even know, I stopped by the station yesterday and my dad wasn't there so I started talking to him and he just asked me out." Steve laughed at your answer.

"I told my dad and he freaked out! You should've been there, it was funny as hell."

"How mad was he?"

"Remember when he caught you sneaking out of my room and he pulled you back in the house?" Steve's face started burning at the memory and he just nodded.

"Well it was like that plus when he scared the shit out of Mike when El's door wasn't open 3 inches." Steve started cracking up.

"Oh my God that must've been great." You guys walked out of the back room hand in hand. Robin noticed and gave Steve a thumbs up. You and Steve were back together and everything felt right.

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