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Everyone thought that you and Steve would be together forever. You guys had plans for the future, you had imagined getting away from Hawkins but, not too far away. You guys wanted to stay close to the party but, you also wanted to have your own space so that you could start a family of your own. You were going to grow ol d together. Those plans wouldn’t become a reality.

You and Steve hadn’t seen each other since graduation night. There was a party for the graduating class and you and Steve went together, you had been dating since November, and you told him in January, that in August you would be driving up to Montana to start the fall semester of your freshman year of college. He was worried about how you two would handle the distance but, once you talked about it you guys were okay.

Then at the party Steve got wasted and told you he didn’t want you to go to Montana. Then one thing led to another and he told you to pick him or Montana. You chose the latter. Which caused him to break up with you.

You had seen Steve since which was hard because you were also Lucas’ babysitter, you were actually Erica’s babysitter but, you still had to watch the party when they went to the Sinclair’s house and take them places. You avoided Steve at all costs, and before you went anywhere with the party you always asked Will or Jane if Steve was going to be there. You asked Will because he is a horrible liar and you asked Jane she would tell you the truth and then the others would moan and she’d say something about how friends aren’t supposed to lie to each other.

The night before you had to leave your parents threw a going away party for you. You had invited  the Sinclair family, the party, Nancy and Jonathan. You were saying your goodbyes when Dustin pulled you aside.

“Are you going to call Steve and say goodbye?”

You knew how much the party loved you and Steve together, your break up was pretty hard for them too.

You let out a deep sigh.

“No, I’m not. We broke up, I’m done with him Dustin. Sorry, buddy”

You pulled him into a tight hug.

“Hey don’t forget to call us, Y/N. I’ll miss you.”

“I’ll miss you too, Dustin.”

The party surrounded you in a group hug.

It had been almost 6 months since you saw everyone, and almost 7 since you saw Steve. You were finally going home for winter break, you called everyone letting them know that you would be home soon and that you wanted to see them.

You were finally back in Hawkins, you felt relieved. The drive was long and tiring, but the smiling faces of your family when you got home definitely boosted your spirits. Your parents said that the party had been calling once every 30 minutes to see if you were home yet. You decided to wait for them to call so, that you could answer the phone. 25 minutes later and the phone rang.

“Hello, this is Y/N”

“Holy shit guys she’s home, we’re getting on our bikes right now we’ll be at your house in five.“

Dustin answered the phone, You laughed at all the fuss they were making.

“Do not get on your bikes it’s too cold for you guys to ride your bikes. I’ll just pick you guys up in my parents van, I have to go to the store anyway.”

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