Love You Still

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A/n: after months of no inspiration and almost deleting my blog several times I finally wrote something. I'm not sure how regularly I'll be writing but enjoy this
Word Count: 972

You had broken up a month before the whole demogorgan shit happened. You still saw Max, El and Will so you were still involved but you avoided him at all costs. If you were to be honest with yourself, you still had strong feelings for him, everyone could tell. You wouldn't let yourself admit it not out loud at least.

You saw him for the first time when everyone was at the mall and in a moment of fear and anxiousness you ran to him and hugged him. You couldn't let go of him, you stood there holding onto each other because this could've been the last time that you got to hold him.

"I love you Steve"

"I love you too Y/n"

You separated from each other and tried to help in whatever ways you could. After watching El almost die and watching Billy die and not knowing where the hell Hopper was, you needed to see Steve. You knew he needed to see you too. After looking for him in the parking lot, you stood still and saw him and this time it was him who ran to you and wouldn't let go.

You were both safe, he had more injuries than you but, you had each other. You walked him to your car and you both sat and cried, letting out the intense emotions that you both had been holding in. After what seemed like an hour of tears, you drove to your house.

You walked him to the bathroom and started a shower for him. Once he got out, you got in and you started crying more. When you got back to your room Steve was fast asleep and soon enough you were too. You woke up first, you were unable to move because not only were you under his arm but, you were still so freaked out. You didn't know how either of you managed to fall asleep so fast, after you helped kill the demogorgan at the Byers last time, you couldn't sleep for a week. Maybe it was all the crying.

A sudden realization hit you and you jumped out of bed and immediately called Joyce. You had to make sure they were still in Hawkins, Will had told you that she was dying to get away from all of the craziness that had happened. After 2 rings she picked up and let you know that they would be out of Hawkins by the end of the month and that Hopper still hadn't been found. You still had time to do everything with your favorite kiddos, you needed to check on El.

Steve found you in the hallway with tears running down your cheeks, you didn't even know you were crying until he wiped away a tear with his thumb. You let him know about the Byers and Hopper. You also told him that you were going to check on El and that he was more than welcome to come.

The drive to the Byers' house felt so long. It was really only 5 minutes. You saw El sitting on the front steps, her eyes were puffy and red, she was still in her clothes from yesterday. You could tell she hadn't slept, you sat next to her and grabbed her hand, you mumbled an 'it's gonna be okay' she let out a sob as you wrapped an arm around her. Steve joined in for a little group hug, you could hear Will come outside and felt his arm wrap around you.

You could've stayed like this forever, you talked to Will about where they were going to be moving. El had told you that she would be going with them. You would be losing 2 of your favorite people in a month and you didn't know what to do. You and Steve said your goodbyes and then drove to Max's house. You knocked on the front door and Mrs. Hargrove let you know that she hadn't left her room or talked to anyone. You and Steve walked into her room and you guys sat on her bed. You could hear her crying and you laid next to her.

After being at Max's house for about an hour you left and told Mrs Hargrove to have Max call you when she felt ready to talk. You and Steve sat in silence as you drove back to your house. When you pulled into your driveway, Steve placed a hand on top of yours.

"Y/n, I- I... I'm glad to know that if the world were to end I'd still have you by my side."

"I'm glad I have you too Steve."

It took a while to heal and to move on from those events, but after about 4 months you and Steve and both realized that you needed to be with each other again. Neither of you had mentioned it to the other so another 3 months went by before you finally got the courage.

"Steve, we haven't talked about it but, I still love you. I never stopped. So when I said that at the mall, I might have been scared that I was going to lose you, I meant what I said." You looked down at your hands, and anxiously waited for him to say something.

"I meant it too. Y/n, I didn't know if that day in the mall was going to be our last but I wanted you to know that I loved you and that I still love you. I don't know what I'd do if I lost you." He pulled you in for a hug and you grabbed him by the face and kissed him passionately.

Your life was slowly getting back to normal. And for the first time in a very long time you felt okay.

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