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A/N: I hate the title but idk what else to call it.

Your friend Jennifer had dragged you to the Starcourt mall today. You would've rather been at home. You had a weird feeling about today, you knew something was going to happen today, you just didn't know what. It was just one of those days. As you and Jennifer exited the Gap, you saw him. He was wearing a stupid sailor outfit, his hair was covered up by a stupid hat. You didn't realize that Jennifer was pulling you towards the boy.

"Hello Y/N!!!" You were brought back to Earth by Jennifer tapping your head.

"Oh my God, what?"  You replied back harshly, she looked shocked and you mumbled back an apology.

"Do you wanna get ice cream?"

"Um, y-yeah! I love ice cream" you could feel your face growing warmer. Jennifer looked at you with a questioning look as she looked back at Scoops Ahoy, her eyes grew wide once she realized who you were staring at.

"Oh my God!! You think he's cute!! We're definitely getting ice cream now!" Jennifer practically dragged you into Scoops Ahoy. You both stood in line waiting impatiently to be able to talk to the cute boy at the cash register. When it was your turn, you noticed the boys eyes looking you up and down, you felt your cheeks heat up.

"Welcome to Scoops Ahoy, my name is Steve, what can I get you today?" It took you a second for you to realize that he was looking at you directly.

"Oh..can I.. can I get a vanilla cone please?" Your voice was quieter than usual and Steve just stared at you, which made you even more nervous.

"Sorry beautiful, but can you repeat that I couldn't hear you." You were internally screaming because he just called you beautiful but it gave you some confidence.

"Yeah. Sorry. Can I get a vanilla cone please?" You smiled sweetly at Steve. He took Jennifer's order and while he was scooping your ice cream, he was talking with you.

"So are you girls here for the summer or are you from Hawkins?"

"We're both from Hawkins, we're about to be seniors!" Jennifer answered excitedly. You were kinda dreading your senior year but she was excited for it.

"Oh cool, uh I'm sorry but I didn't get your names."

"Oh well I'm Y/N and this is Jennifer." You noticed Steve smile as he heard your name.

"Uh so Y/N, I was just wondering if ya know, you would like to hang out? If not, it's cool, I'm cool, it's no big deal." Jennifer heard this and had taken her ice cream and went to get a booth to sit at. Steve looked at you, he was biting his lip., impatiently waiting for your answer.

"I would love to, here's my number, call me when you wanna hang out." You wrote your phone number down on a piece of paper and passed it to him. You walked towards Jennifer, she was fighting back her laughter, she pointed behind you. You turned around and saw Steve, he had thrown his Scoops Ahoy hat on the ground and he was pumping his fist in the air as he chest bumped his co worker. You heard her congratulating him.

"Wow Steve I guess you don't suck!!!"

You had let out a belly laugh after hearing her and when Steve heard you he quickly turned around and his face was almost as red as a tomato. He quickly ran to the back as you saw his co worker bent over in laughter. You shook your head, so apparently this is the something that was bound to happen today.

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