Clearing in the Woods

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Word Count: 3.2K

Warnings: swearing, crying, break ups, kissing, and I think that's it.

A/n: no spoilers for vol 2, I did use some dialogue from it but, unless you've seen it doubt you'll even know tbh. I don't think I mentioned any pronouns but ik i did mention the reader having a girls night.

You went to Purdue for college, this didn't make Steve very happy. He hadn't gotten accepted into Purdue and the fact that you were leaving without him really upset him. You argued for weeks until you were finally fed up and broke up with him. You spent your last day in Hawkins crying as you and Nancy packed up your car, the thought of leaving her, the party, Robin, and Steve behind was heart breaking.

It's not like you wanted to break up with Steve. God, that was the last thing you wanted but, he made it seem like you were the bad for wanting to go to school and that you would just leave and forget about him, like the last 2 years were nothing to you. He couldn't be more wrong. The past 2 years were probably the best 2 years of your life despite all of the stuff with the upside down. You were the happiest you had ever been when you were with Steve but, then he started freaking out on you. You asked him to move into the small apartment that you would be renting, he told you he didn't want to "mooch off of you", you started looking for jobs for the both of you so that way he wouldn't feel that way, he still declined your offers and started picking fights with you.

The fight that caused the break up wasn't even that bad, you had worse fights but, this time it was 3 days before you were leaving. He had said something stupid while he was helping you pack up your things. Before you realized it one comment that he made under his breath turned into him asking why you were abandoning him and the party. You couldn't take it anymore, you tearfully told him that you were done and that he needed to get out of your house.

Your first few semesters of college were tough, between trying to get over your break up with Steve and being homesick all the time, you were struggling. Nancy called you and invited you to stay at her house for spring break you couldn't have been happier. You were beyond excited to see all of your friends again and a small part of you was hoping to see Steve.

You drove down to the Wheeler's. Your mind was racing at all the things you guys would do during your week in Hawkins. You got to the Wheeler's and saw Nancy and Mike waiting for you in their driveway. You got out of your car and practically jumped into Nancy's arms. Mike walked past you guys and went to your car.

Mike got your things out of the trunk as you and Nancy headed inside. You greeted Mrs. and Mr. Wheeler warmly and went to Nancy's room.

"So, now that Mike's not in here. How are you really doing?" Nancy placed a hand on your shoulder gently. You let out a deep sigh as your eyes began to water.

"Honestly, it's been hard. I miss you, the party, Robin... and Steve. I've been trying so hard to get over him and just like let go but, I just can't. I've been trying to put myself out there and meet new people but, it's like every guy I talk to just doesn't even begin to compare to him." You sat on the edge of her bed, one hand was being ran through your hair and the other was wiping your tears. Nancy sat by you and rubbed soothing circles on your back.

"We miss you too, Y/n. Everyone does, even my parents miss you! I know what you're thinking and yes, Steve misses you too." You shook your head at Nancy, you wanted to believe Nancy but, you couldn't bring yourself to.

"Why don't we just watch some tv in the living room? We'll kick my dad out of there and I'll get the ice cream and we can just relax." You nodded in agreement and headed downstairs to the living room.

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