Puzzle Pieces pt 2

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Warnings: talks of being sad, feeling numb
Word Count: 1.1k
A/n:  I listened to Iris by goo goo dolls (it's such a jam) and that's what inspired me to make a pt 2 it doesn't follow the song like at all but it's been on repeat this whole time. I hope you guys like this one, I like it so much better than pt 1.


What Steve still felt for you was intense. He really didn't understand your whole puzzle thing but, he was willing to do whatever it took to make you happy. Even if it meant losing his puzzle piece.

He saw you around town, he saw you on dates sometimes with other guys and in his opinion, you looked miserable but, that could've been him hoping that you were miserable while out on dates with guys that weren't Steve. Max and Lucas would tell him about what you were up to, at first it drove him crazy but now he finds some kind of comfort in knowing that you were doing okay.

It took him weeks to feel something, when you broke up with him, he felt numb. He still went out with the party and Robin, they were trying to to cheer him up. He finally felt something when he overheard Robin tell the group that you had a boyfriend. Apparently you had still been hanging out with Robin and you told her last night that had began dating some guy named Andrew.

He was heartbroken, Robin wasn't planning on telling him but, she just knew that if a certain curly-haired 15 year old would accidentally spill the beans a crush Steve. He couldn't believe you had a boyfriend, it made sense to him, you had seemed to get over the break up fairly quickly and he was still hung up on you.

He did everything he could to avoid you but, he saw pieces of you in everything he saw. He saw you in the blue sky, memories of your first date came to him whenever he looked up. He saw you in the movies he would stock the shelves with, you loved watching movies with him and the party, you loved when the kids were younger and they'd gather all around you and lay on you and eventually fall asleep. He saw you in the sidewalks he'd walk on whenever he needed to clear his head, you loved to go on walks with him, he somehow still found his way back to your house.

You were having fun with Andrew but, something felt weird. There were a few things that just didn't sit right with you, he didn't seem to like the party as much as you thought he would. He made a few comments about how it was 'weird' that you were friends with a bunch of high school freshmen, the comments never got to you but they were becoming more frequent. He always left when you said something about the party coming over. On the off chance he did stay, he was either visibly uncomfortable or he tried too hard. Dustin made a comment about Andrew being like a stepdad to them, a really bad one.

You weren't sure why you said yes to being Andrew's girlfriend, you had went out on 4 dates and you had fun so you thought that it would work out. You didn't really like him but because you had just broken up with Steve, you thought that might be the reason why and that you were still hung up on Steve.

You had also been receiving updates on Steve's life thanks to Dustin. He told you that Steve was still single and still in love with you. You would ask if Steve was doing okay and Dustin would sigh and shake his head. You never meant to hurt Steve, you were trying to do what was best for the both of you but if Steve was as miserable as Dustin made him seem, did you do what was best for both of you or just yourself?

You thought a lot about your 2 months with Andrew. Your feelings for him weren't as strong as the feelings you had for Steve. It had only been 2 months but, you remembered your first 2 months with Steve, you were in love with him 2 months in and you still were. Even though you broke up with him 2 and a half months ago and been seeing other people, you couldn't stop comparing them to Steve.

You knew what you had to do, you had to go back to Steve. The next day you broke up with Andrew, apparently he knew it was coming so, he wasn't too hurt. He did thank you for wasting his time, how kind of him.

You walked to Steve's house, you didn't have a car so you had to walk. You thought over the many different things you could say and the different ways this could go. You got to his house without realizing it, your nerves took over and your body went into autopilot.

You took a deep breath and knocked on his door. He was shocked when he opened it and saw you standing there.

"Oh...uh, hey Y/n, what are you doing here?" He awkwardly stood in his door way and stared at you with a mixed look of confusion and shock.

"I broke up with my boyfriend today. This isn't me coming back to you because I'm lonely or anything, I swear. I just realized a lot of things and one of the things I realized was that puzzles are stupid." You we're starting to shake partly from the nerves and partly from the cold. It was then that Steve realized he should invite you inside, he stepped aside and you walked in. He led you to the couch and he waited for you to continue.

"Some other things I realized were that I'm sorry and that I miss you, and I still love you and I want to get back together. If you'll take me back, of course."
You stared at each other in silence as Steve thought over your words.

Steve's eyes started to well with tears and you didn't know what to expect, you thought he was going to reject you, not that you could blame him but you hoped that he would take you back. Steve inhaled deeply.

"Of course I'll take you back, do you know what it's been like for me? I can't live without you. You're my everything. You're my missing puzzle piece." You both stood up from the couch and hugged. You could've stayed like this forever, you hadn't realized how badly you missed his touch. He pulled apart to give a kiss, it was filled with passion. You pulled away and pressed your foreheads together. Steve intertwined his hands with yours.

"I love you, Y/n."

"I love you too, Steve, so much."

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