Last Words

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Word Count: 1.8k 😳
Warnings: talks of pregnancy, giving birth, kids, some sadness, character death.
A/n: I hope you guys like it, this is like my first post back from my break idk how active I'll be, I just started work again so updates might not happen as much. I also wrote probably the worst fic for Billy the other day and it's unfinished and just awful so idk if I'll post it.

P.s this is a soulmate au, it's not like mentioned a whole lot but it's an au where your soulmate's last words are tattooed on the inside of your wrist.

You knew you and Steve were soulmates, you couldn't be a hundred percent sure, but you just knew. The reason you couldn't be so sure was because you would only know when one of you died. You had his last words tattooed on the inside of your wrist. You knew though, Steve was your soulmate and you were his.

You had found each other when you were both 15. And now you've been dating for 6 years. You had become the "father" and Steve the "mother" of the group of teens you spent most of your time with. You couldn't imagine a better life than the one you were living with Steve.

One day you had been having a lazy day with Steve. You were watching movies in the your shared apartment. You were in your pajamas with your hair up, Steve was laying next you on your couch, staring at you. You could feel his stare on you. You looked at him and he was giving you a look of adoration.

"You should take a picture, it'll last longer." You said sarcastically. Steve chuckled a little before responding.

"Hey, do you wanna get married?" He got down on one knee. His response took you by surprise. You had obviously talked about marriage with Steve before and it was something you both wanted. You never discussed when but you knew it was something you both wanted in the future.

"Oh my god, yes! Of course I do." You got up and hugged Steve. Your arms were wrapped around his neck as he kissed your cheeks. Steve hadn't planned to propose to you that day, he didn't have a ring but, a month later he would surprise you with a ring.

It was your wedding day. You were freaking out, you and Steve had planned for a small wedding but, his parents had invited everyone they knew. Now all of Hawkins was here, they were squished into your small venue and they were getting annoyed with how long it was taking you.

With your nerves being at an all time high, you sent Max and El to get Steve. They didn't even try to protest against the idea because they could see how nervous you were.

They ran to Steve, he got concerned when he saw 2 of your bridesmaids and heard no music. He got even more concerned when he saw the look on their faces. They quickly explained everything to him and he left as quick as he could without alerting the many guests that something was wrong.

He got to your dressing room, he opened the door and closed it softly. He couldn't see you past the partition, he made out your silhouette.

"Y/n? Babe? Is everything okay?" He knew you weren't okay but, he wanted to make sure you knew he was in the room and he wanted to hear your voice.

"No" you said in a whimper. Steve rushed to your side and rubbed your back. Once he realized he could see you in your wedding dress, he closed his eyes. You looked up at him, he looked ridiculous.

"Steve? What are you doing?" You laughed a little.

"Well, I'm not supposed to see you in your dress before the wedding but, I had to make sure you were okay so, I guess I'm compromising?" You shook your head and laughed a little more.

"You can open your eyes, it's okay." Steve slowly opened his eyes. He was speechless for a moment.

"You look incredible. Like I can't believe I get the privilege to look at you right now." He reached out to touch your face softly.

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