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Inspired by the song 6 feet apart by Alec Benjamin :)

Distance was hard, you'd never been apart for this long. You would see each other every day but, now you had to stick to phone calls and written letters that took too long to get to you. You missed everything about Hawkins, the smell, the people, Benny's diner, Melvald's but, most importantly you missed Steve.

Being away at college was hard, you went to college 4 hours away from home. You felt so alone, you didn't know anyone there, it wasn't that you had a hard time making friends it was that it didn't feel like home. Your college friends were great but they didn't know everything about you, like how you've fought off demogorgans with your amazing boyfriend or about the gang kids that you had come to love and would call your friends.

You missed him most while you were away at college. You went back home to Hawkins twice a month and for the breaks you would for holidays, between semesters and summers. Steve would come up to your dorm whenever he didn't have work but sometimes you just wanted him near you. You wanted him to be able to sit on your bed and help you study. But he couldn't because he was 4 hours away.

This distance was hard on Steve too. All he wanted was for you to be home in Hawkins, laying in his bed with his arms wrapped around you as he whispered sweet nothings in your ear. He missed your smile, he missed how whenever Dustin tried to "flirt" with you, your smile would grow 10x the normal size and you would tussle his curls as he winked at Steve. Thinking about this reminded him of the first time you heard Dustin's purr, you had told Dustin that he looked handsome for his homecoming dance, and then Dustin said something dumb and purred. You had laughed so hard you snorted, which made Steve and Dustin laugh harder.

Distance was really hard for the 2 of you. Especially since you were only 4 hours away from each other, you guys were close but not close enough. It Steve to know just how amazing you are but you were so far away and he wasn't able to tell you everyday like he did before you went to college.

When you guys were together, it was like heaven on earth. You were inseparable, you slept over at each other's house or he snuck into your dorm. If you went back to Hawkins the kids had to join you and Steve and you'd have non stop sleepovers until you had to go back. When you had to leave, it was always hard. Every time you had to go back, you would realize that you missed them more than you thought you did.

You would be going to Hawkins as a surprise, only your parents knew you'd be coming home. You had a disguise of some sorts, you had a hat and an old pizza delivery uniform that you had found at a thrift store and you had pizza for dinner the night before so you brought your leftovers in the pizza box.

After the long drive, you finally got to Steve's house. You put your hat on and pulled it down in front of your face just a little bit. You walked up to his front door, giddy from excitement, and you knocked. You cleared your throat so that you could deepen your voice. The door opened and you looked down at the box.

"Hello, I got a delivery for Steve Harrington."

"I uh didn't order anything." You were more convincing than you thought. You looked up at Steve with a giant grin on your face.

"Fine, I guess I'll just drive back to my dorm then." Steve snapped his head back to you. He eyes were big and his smile was even bigger.

"Oh my gosh, you're home!" He picked you up and spun you around and he planted a big kiss on your forehead.

You had missed this.

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