One Day at a Time

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Warnings: Mentions of death, vvv sad.
Word Count 837
A/n: another sad one for you guys. This was inspired by the first lyric of the pre-chorus of the song Two of Us by Louis Tomlinson. Enjoy!!! Italics are a dream!!!!

It was the 5th time he called you this week. You parents made you record the voicemail message, he only called to hear your voice, he knew nobody would answer. Sometimes he'd leave a message, more for himself than anyone else.

"Hey sweetie, it's me Steve again. I just wanted to let you know that I miss you and I love you no matter what." He'd hang up after that.

He would still think about you, he had dreams of you, he was reliving memories of dates and nights spent at your house in his sleep. It started to wear him down. He never slept, he wanted to keep the memory of you alive but, when he spent every night dreaming of you and the dreams being so real, it was emotionally exhausting.

He was a wreck, understandably so but, it was started to take over his life. He was missing work more, he never saw the party or Robin anymore. They really tried to help him but, whenever he saw Max, all he could see was you throwing yourself in front of Billy, you managed to save Billy, Max and El but not yourself.

He could even hear your last words, you touched his face and mumbled an 'I love you' and then you closed your eyes. That's when his life came crashing down. He screamed and picked your body up, he tried to revive you by doing CPR but it wasn't working. Nothing was working, when paramedics came in, his hopes were being lifted but once he saw one of them shake their head, he collapsed. He couldn't breathe, he was gasping for air, the paramedics had to force him outside.

That was all 7 months ago and Steve couldn't even manage to find the strength to go and see you. He had spent another day at home, he barely ate, he was laying in his room just staring at the ceiling. He doesn't remember falling asleep but at some point he did.

You were in his passenger seat, you guys were sitting in your driveway. You were wearing the same outfit you wore the day that you had passed. You were glowing, he felt speechless, he was in awe of what he was seeing.

"Steve, I've been watching you." He reaches up to touch you, you felt so real.

"You have?"

"I have and I know everything has been hard but our kids are worried. They just lost their 'dad' and I don't think they can handle losing their 'mom' too." This made Steve laugh a little, the kids always called you their 'dad' because Steve was so much more like a mom than you were.

"I know but, I just miss you. I keep dreaming of you and whenever I look at Max, all I can see is you dying. I can't take it anymore." Tears were falling down both of your cheeks.

"I know baby, I know but, please don't give up, just take it one day at a time for me okay?" Steve nodded and pulled you in for one last hug. Steve could feel himself starting to wake up, he tried to resist but he failed.

He woke up and felt his bed, you weren't there, he couldn't stop crying. He realized that you were right, he needed to try and go one day at a time, he couldn't keep avoiding the kids, especially Max. He pulled himself together and got in the shower then he got dressed and went to the Wheeler's.

After knocking and waiting for about 5 minutes, Mrs Wheeler opened the door, she smiled at him and called the kids upstairs. When they saw who was at the door, they couldn't believe it. They surrounded him in a group hug. Max was the last to join.

She felt so guilty about the whole thing, she felt like Steve hated her, it was easier before El moved, because they helped each other with that guilt but, now she was alone and felt worse than ever.

Steve eventually pulled away from the group and looked at Max, he whispered 'it's okay' and she hugged him. She kept apologizing, over and over.

"Steve, I'm so sorry about Y/n"

"I've never blamed you for that. She loved you and El so much. She would've done anything for you guys."

The rest of the day was spent talking about everything that Steve had missed, they eventually called Robin over and she was so happy to see her best friend again. Steve had decided that it was time for him to leave and he told the kids that he was going to visit you later that week and he asked if any of them wanted to come. They all said yes and said that they would all bring your flowers.

Steve could do this one day at a time. He may have needed you to give him a little push but, with the help of his friends he could do it.

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