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You had been staying home a lot more than usual. Steve and the party had invited you to hang out everyday but, you politely decline, and you would stay home by yourself. The party was worried about you, they didn’t know what was going on with you.

Steve was especially worried about you. You were getting more and more distant. You never felt like going out on dates with him. You seemed off and Steve didn’t know what to do. You kept all of this to yourself, you weren’t really a fan of talking about your feelings.

You were home alone one day, you were just sitting in your thoughts. You thought a lot and your thoughts sometimes got to you. Which was why you distanced yourself, or why you preferred being alone.

You thought about talking to Steve, or even Dustin, you just needed to tell someone, you didn’t care who. You needed to tell someone but, you also didn’t want to bother anyone so, you kept it bottled up inside.

It had been like this for a while, you were alone a lot, even when you were with friends you felt alone. You hated feeling like this, you were trying all sorts of stuff to make you feel better. You treated yourself to things, clothes, new music, your favorite foods, anything.

One day Steve came over to surprise you with a movie night. He grabbed the key underneath your doormat and he used it to sneak in through your front door. He quietly walked up the stairs to your room but, he stopped himself outside your door. He could hear you crying, he froze for a second, he wasn’t entirely sure how to approach you like this, especially considering your recent behavior. He knocked on your door, and he heard you sniffling.

“Mom? Dad? Is that you?”

“Uh… No, it’s me, Steve.”

He heard you walking towards the door, when you opened it he noticed how puffy and red your eyes were, you looked really tired.

“Oh, hey what are you doing here?”

You tried to cover up the fact that you had been crying less than a minute ago.

“Well, I was gonna surprise you with movies and food but, are you okay?”

You could see the worry in his eyes.

“Yeah, I’m great”

You knew he wouldn’t believe you but, at least you tried.

“Stop, Y/N, you know I heard you crying. So, being honest what’s been going on with you?”

“Honestly, I just feel alone, which is ridiculous because I have you, I have my friends, my parents, the party, I have all these people surrounding me that love and care about me and I just still feel alone.”

You voice was kind of shakey, you felt like you were going to cry again.

Steve didn’t say anything, he just pulled you into a hug. After a minute he cleared his throat.

“You know, I’m only a phone call away, right? You don’t have to go through this alone.”

You shrugged before answering.

“I know but, I didn’t want to bother you.”

Steve looked at you funny.

“You, Y/N Y/L/N, could never bother me.”

The rest of your night consisted of cuddles, crappy movies, and a lot of love from your amazing boyfriend.

You still weren’t feeling 100% better but, with the help of Steve you were gonna get there.

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