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Word Count: 780
A/n: okay so this is a soulmate au where like clues about your soulmate appear to you once a year on your birthday. I hope you guys like it!

Soulmates were a funny thing. You knew you had one but, you knew so little about your soulmate. When you turned 14 you were given a clue about your soulmate and then every birthday after that you were given another clue until you met them. You first clue had been the letter S, you second clue was brown hair, your third clue was a can of Farrah Fawcett hairspray, your fourth clue was an ice cream scooper, and your fifth clue was "shit head".

You had a few questions for your soulmate when you eventually met them. Like, do they really use Farrah Fawcett hairspray? And who do they call 'shit head'?

There was so much that you didn't know, like the color of their eyes, their hobbies, their likes and dislikes, or their name, you were dying to know who it was. You couldn't imagine the clues they got and it kinda freaked you out if you thought about it for too long.

Your 19th birthday was coming up and that meant you'd get another clue. You had one more week and the anticipation was killing you. You had been job hunting the whole summer and nothing was available around you, lucky for you though, your grandparents lived in Hawkins, Indiana and a new mall had just been built and that meant plenty of job opportunities. Your parents had decided that it would be good for you to move out to Indiana and get a job out there while you lived with your grandparents.

Your birthday came and the clue you received was for a sign for some place called Scoops Ahoy. You had never heard of it before so you thought that this place was in Hawkins. Which made you more excited to move there, that had to mean that your soulmate was in Indiana.

After moving and getting settled in you decided to go to the mall to fill out a couple of job applications. You had applied to every single store there, except for the one right in front of you.

Scoops Ahoy, it was the sign you had seen as your clue. You were frozen still, you knew that you were in everyone's way but, you still couldn't get yourself to move. If your soulmate was in there, you would possibly meet them right now. You had always been so excited to meet your soulmate but now you were frozen with fear. A million thoughts ran through your head.

What if they didn't like me? What if they're already in love with someone else? What if they're not in there? The last one made your feet move forward. You finally got up to the counter, there was a girl with short hair leaning on the glass.

"Ahoy there matey! Welcome to Scoops Ahoy, how can I help you today?" She smiled with a smile that was clearly fake. You had asked if there were any openings there and she nodded and went to the back to grab an application. You were picking at your nails, not really paying attention, when you heard the door to the back room open. You looked up for a split second and you had to do a double take.

You had always heard that soulmates just knew when they had found each other. So when you saw the boy with brown hair and an ice cream scooper in his hand, you jaw dropped. The boy standing across from you had an identical expression on his face. He was the first to speak up.

"Is it really you?" He had walked out from behind the counter and was standing in front of you with his arms reached out to you, he pulled you into a hug. You hugged him back and nodded. When you pulled apart from each other and stared at each other in awe.

"Y/n, my name's Y/n" you had been dying to know his name ever since you got your first clue.

"Steve, Steve Harrington." Even his name sounded amazing.

"The letter S was my first clue about you and I've been dying to hear your name ever since."

"That's funny because the first clue I got was the color of your eyes and it's been my favorite color since." You couldn't help yourself anymore, you pulled him in for a passionate kiss, you were so enveloped with each other that neither of you hadn't notice the girl from before walking in and then she cleared her throat. You pulled apart from each other and you stood there awkwardly and she handed you the application.

You had finally met your soulmate and you couldn't be happier.

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